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Last Update: August 05, 2019

You joined Wealthy Affiliate searching for business opportunities. Did you know that WA is a reference hub or nexus for countless opportunities? Take one social media app alone...Pinterest. Pinterest has a wealth of business building ideas and assistance,

If you take the approaches here, you will never run out of ideas and the stomping grounds to try them out. Let's look at these approaches.

  • Initiating inbound marketing for success - Make use of the best tool boxes available, Google Tools and Google Analytic to flesh out and track your success. Set up your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Magnify your blogging game. Overhaul your current and older blog posts. Look at your current competition and ideal customers and integrate both into your planning. Construct your posts for all occasions and seasons (evergreen)
  • When you have identified key performance indicators, break out of your shell!. Be more social!. Determine your effective social media. (not just pinterest)
  • Curate and tweak content. Use action tools such as monthly calls to action, quizzes and opinion polls. Employ surveys and find ways to reward active participants. Open readers' eyes! Use informationals and shoot videos. Make info graphics your friends. Go visual!
  • Never forget your central elevator of your position, your website. Two essential elements are your linking strategy and your internal navigation. Features such as chat forums can be built in to flesh this basic skeleton. Adding a chat ability will enliven dead content and make it current.
  • Start focusing on customer conversion. Do you have a sales funnel built for each niche of interest? Needed traffic can only come through successful conversion. The focus should be on creating new effective content to grab the customer... The effort should be matched by enlivening existing content through direct contact methods like webinars or e-books. Overhauling your low performing Calls to Action (CTA's) for effectiveness is a great way to fine tune conversion.

Ultimately establishing Service Level Agreements and building an effective sales and marketing team is a great course to cement your leadership and success. Reinforce your brand with certification opportunities. Now it's time to get out there and make it happen!

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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Mike,

This super list certainly keeps one on tiptoes. I realize loads of work still in front of me.
I had to smile when I read Give Your Forms A Facelift. I soon will have to do that, from head to toes. Sitting so much at the computer is trying to give me a new form I am not so fond of.
The advice to become more social I have just followed. I still find FB very distracting.
Laura Fueller explained to me that FB decides what appears on your newsfeed? Does somebody again decide what I should see or not? I am getting a straightjacket feeling by now, too many limitations narrow my world.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
firstlearn Premium
Thanks for sharing a great post Mike.

RAFStuart Premium
Superb Post Mike, am at the moment tying to do a lot of what you suggest, just have to stop flitting from one idea to another and concentrate on one at a time, just joined Pinterest.

CCelest Premium
Great post Michael. Thank you for sharing.

Mick18 Premium
Excellent information. Thanks a lot Mike. Bookmarked.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening Mike, you have outdone yourself this time, Outstanding, outstanding.
Carson2 Premium
Mike...terrific! Wow. I do, so, appreciate this information.
maray07611 Premium
Great info wish I could just save this chart somewhere for easy reference
RosanaHart Premium
You can. Click on the chart and choose open in a new tab. If you do this is chrome, as I do, it will be way too tiny, but then click on it there and it will expand to the size it is now.
maray07611 Premium
Okay thank you
Joes946 Premium
Mike, you da man! Amazing information.
FKelso Premium
Lots of good ideas.
MKearns Premium
Thank you!