Last Update: March 13, 2020

How are you coping with the latest flash scare dear members? I don't think we have ever had a national (and international fright like this.

The infection casualty rate is about 3.4% People are dying from this and it is much more contagious than a common flu virus. Investigation shows China is the most likely source. The Corona virus began in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019.

The news is spreading like wildfire all over the world and in my area. Something is happening every hour! Churches, supermarkets, stores and local and regional commerce are affected.

People's lives and livelihood are affected by this outbreak. Most establishmemts are being closed from 2 weeks to months. Let us remember this thing in our prayers as it is in mine. We need a return to normal commerce DESPERATELY!

What kind of measures are you taking to cope? How has this affected your lives?

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EdwinBernard Premium
The scary thing is that 3.4% when applied to the section of society who are most vulnerable that number increases to over 20%.

I call this the People Pandemic Panic!

Since my wife and I are both retired. we stay indoors most of the time. The only time we go out is to shop for food and doctor visits.

Shopping is a hit and miss affair as you have no idea what you need will be available. It takes longer as one has to visit several stores to find those who have what you are looking for

Shopping early may become the new normal.


KennyLee Premium
I'm not hitting the panic button yet. In the end, getting panic solves nothing.

With that said, we should all play our part in containing this virus, wherever we are.

This means taking care of basic hygiene, self-quarantine if develop symptoms, etc.

But what's more important is we need to stop spreading unverified news/rumors that are causing anxieties in the community.

This disease is beatable. Clear communication, active screening has proven to be effective.

That has been the case for South Korea and China (although the latter does falter in the beginning).

Hope you're coping well.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Yep, Kenny! Common sense measures which should e undertaken all the time any way, regardless if there is a pandemic or not!
TomDraper Premium
I,m going to do a search and compare that to the usual flue and other virus,s.I don,t think going into a crazy panic is the answer.Being calm and dealing with this thing the right way is better i think.

If it is a UN-natural virus that should n,t of happened then we can,t let it beat us!

JeffreyBrown Premium
Compare it to H1N1 pandemic of 2009-10, Tom!
TomDraper Premium
I remember that and after reading a article on wikipedia it sounds very similar to this.Could be a bit of controversy too ay?Interesting
AthenaS1 Premium
Hello Mr. Kearns. Not sure how to feel as I have mixed feeling. I am concerned about my elderly parents and others in the older ranking of the family. I work in the health care industry and our building just went into a sort of Lock Down as in no one except workers coming in and only if they pass certain criteria. I have to be to work tonight and everyday I wonder if I will be able to go work and if I do will I be able to go home or if I should as I have a husband who cannot afford to get a virus. It is a weird deal, trying not to buy toilet paper if you know what I mean.
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Hi Mike! Good to see you again. I am doing what I can to help the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. For me personally, it's nothing out of the ordinary. Having been in healthcare for many years and a strong advocate of natural healing remedies, I'm doing what I normally do and continuing to trust God Who has never failed me. :)

Thanks for the post, Mike!
MKearns Premium
You're most welcome Colleen. All the best to you!