Miix it up days of confusion

Last Update: April 25, 2020

The latest Covid 19 news reflects one certain thing...uncertainty Far to many of are adrift and acting as if there are no guidelines. This is even though guidelines have been given most everywhere!

EVERYBODY IS AFFECTED. MYSELF INCLUDED. We all drinking the same water and breathing the same air. Over the centuries we recycle the substance of the earth.

Images of covid 19 masks

The other day, earth day to be exact, I ventured out to the supermarket for the first time in weeks Since it has been the recently imposed law, I brought along my newly made mask. It took some adjusting to adapt to using this mandatory new clothing item. I hadn't put on any type of mask since a Halloween party some years ago.

These are required for use now and if not worn you can not be admitted to establishments or even fined! It has the added blessing of blocking spring pollens i n the Northern hemisphere.

The really vexing thing involves a total misunderstanding of the end of Covid lock downs,Most people tend not to grasp the reality involved. They think "they" need to do something about it. But in reality,we are "they!"

A big problem is we are attempting to deal with this beast in one or two dimensional terms. It goes beyond time into the alternate real\ties that are five dimensional. People have a tendency to assume things will be "all right", but it's nowhere near that simple.

I changed hotel and plane reservations from May until October for a writers' venue. The dynamic is already indicating that October will be little if any better.! I may be forced over the summer to cancel schedules permanently because "they" aren't going to be able to come up with a cure that quickly.

Unfortunately the same Sword of Damocles hangs over WA's Vegas 21 venue. A major problem involves the probability that there are local conditions to permit a venue BUT the field of potential attendees spans the globe and can encompass areas that are STILL IN LOCKDOWN I On an interdependent world, it's hard to synchronize every car on the train.

We re going to need the Master of the Universe to help with this one. As we move forward to "end of school year" scheduling that is continually canceled and postponed we need to keep our prayers close and our hopes closer. Stay safe everyone!

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Babou3 Premium
Economists, politicians and scientists are trying to work together to find the best solutions for the economy to start again, also so that people do not get sick and so that we can find some semblance of social life. But nothing is easy, and the common people we find ourselves facing all these contradictions and we have to deal with. The most important thing is to think about the future and hope that we will spend this complicated moment with more serenity than at this time.

MKearns Premium
That's right Ingrid I 'm glad to see your comments again!
Mick18 Premium
It's good to see you. Great post Michael. Thanks.
LindaF Premium
Nice to see you Michael it has been a while since I bumped into one of your posts and it is also very nice to see old friends. Be safe all is well over hear on my side. Always a better way
CCelest Premium
Excellent Michael!
Dorrie1 Premium
Very great post
MKearns Premium
I appreciate your response, Dorrie!