in the darkest of times a silver lining

Last Update: April 09, 2020

The COVID 19 virus is the talk of the hour everywhere. As we all know by now.'there is a lot of talk but little concrete hope of a quick ending.

Here are some thoughts. .

1. There will be a light at the end of this tunnel as there is for virtually everything

2. There will be alight at the end of this tunnel eventually It will require forbearance not exercised in generations. This is assisted by electronic solutions for learning and entertainment.

3. This is not unprecedented but has occurred often in history.

4. Covid is sourced in Wuhan China and has a SARS like base. It has a genesis same as SARS based on irregular dietary habits.


.5.. It is not in the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) data base which numbers in the millions, but research should be simpler due to non bacteriological factors. It is a breath and fluid spread virus which piggybacks on RNA which is in everybody's system.

6.. While it is not certain, it can be SPECULATED it will be on the decline by the end of 2020.

7. There will be some trade off point where new cases will decline relative to solution based cases. Release methods have yet to be devised but economic necessity is a trade off factor. This will be based on the effective quarantine methods employed.

8. While Winter based on home hibernation has been extended in the northern hemisphere and deepened in the southern hemisphere, this is back dropped by a SOLUTION BASED environment of scientists, researchers and individual prayers.

9, VERY IMPT. While many niches such as travel, food preparation and many others are put on temporary hold and locked down and it looks gloomy now.that will change. Release of controls to normalcy will result in a STUPENDOUS groundswell in many areas of demand and marketing. Get on board with Amazon and other agents poised to provide relief Frustrated demand will create a marketing EXPLOSION when let loose.

God bless everyone in these difficult times. It is a time to add individual fasting to the groundswell of release needed!
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Babou3 Premium
Great to see you!!
There will be a sun at the end of the tunnel. But I think it will be a long tunnel and we will have to cross it several times before the Covid 19 is no longer dangerous for humans.But the important thing is that we will come to the end of this microbe!

Mick18 Premium
Hey Mike, it's great to see you. Please take care and stay safe.

Sui_generis Premium
Nice to see you, Mike. This too shall pass and we'll be better for it!!!!! Thinking positive!

MKearns Premium
Geat to hear from you, Debbi. you stay safe too!
lynnsam61 Premium
Hi Mike,
I've gotten to the point where I try not to check the news re: COVID-19 developments more than twice a day. It's easy to be bombarded with info, since in addition to the news I receive many emails from local news and businesses on this topic.
We'll get through this as we've done before and I agree that new opportunities are there for the taking.
Stay healthy and safe!
MKearns Premium
Thank you, Erica. There is one safe haven in the world . According to the maps, the Canadian territory of Nunavut has none of it! Mostly cold there!
Pedrone Premium
hello Mike,
good post with insight and encouragement!
hope it's all well with you,
stay safe and be well
MKearns Premium
Thank you, sir. May you be blessed with fortune in this trial!
Pedrone Premium
Welcome and thank you!
yes it will be good if fortune for once will be on my side or even on front of me making the way.

take care