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Last Update: September 05, 2016

A central premise here in Wealthy Affiliate is the principle of helping others and paying it forward.

*""Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho lived in anonymity for 35 long years, just one more faceless member of the thousands of people that make up Brazil's homeless population. Every day, he gathered whatever paper he could and honed his skills as a poet and philosopher.

He sat in the same spot every day, his "island" as he called it, and every day people walked by without giving him a second thought. To the world, he was just one more dirty old homeless man occupying the streets."

*Attributable to Archit Tripathi WIMP.com

Follow the astounding story that magnifies our great principles here in the video at the following source.


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cosmicradio Premium
Amazing story, Mike!
JewelCarol Premium
Awesome story, thanks for sharing, Michael. :)
Loubelle Premium
Thanks Mike
PMindra Premium
What a story, Mike.
Thank you for sharing.

'Damned is the man who abandons himself' is one of the lines he wrote.


SteveOlan Premium
Thanks for that... I needed that... I am glad I happened to be on the activity dash when this showed up. It does a sould good!