Covid 19 updates

Last Update: May 01, 2020

I check the following site as part of my daily routine. A non promotional service sponsored by the Washington Post as a daily forum of information.

During these unusual times, I find it necessary to have a road map daily of the status of

  • Research
  • Medical updates
  • Political daily opinions and controversial tug of war
  • The latest daily optimism and pessimism on the virus
  • Updated daily figures showing initial infections, recoveries and deaths by all countries globally

New elements are being added to include cumulative trends that show recovery rates. This has been in Asia and is gradually marching eastward. It has not taken hold in the US and Canada yet but is getting there. This is being provided with the hope that we can road map our way to renewed informed purpose in our lives and activities

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    Great information
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    Awesome info.
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    Great information. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.
    lynnsam61 Premium
    This looks like a great source for daily updates. I feel like I've been wasting too much time trying to get bits and pieces from different sources. Thanks for sharing.
    MKearns Premium
    My pleasure Erica!
    Joes946 Premium
    Great information Mike.