A new day dawning

Last Update: April 28, 2020

This is a great time to be alive! We have every reason to be hopeful of opportunity as the weeks unfold. I was looking over Mervens' post about 10,000 reasons for being happy and the idea is contagious.

Spring in the northern hemisphere is a time of reawakening. I have a feeling of upsurge and plan a lot of physical pursuits as the allowable spring excursions in nature unfold around me.

How are you all adapting to the new change in seasons? Just moving indoors awakens the senses to new opportunities. Virtually every niche out there can be re energized with new purpose.

  • Travel- After being cooped up for a substantial period of time, there will be a land rush of traveling throughout the entire planet.
  • Gardening- I can't wait to get out and plant new varieties and actually feel the tilled earth.
  • Outdoor sports equipment- This is a broad niche. Just considering the possibilities as specific activities come to mind brings a smattering of opportunities that will be unprecedented over any prior season.

I can go on continually. The point is, we are poised at an infinite gold mine of customer need and desire! It's time to kick off the traces get writing and engineer your marketing strategies!

We are in the best place at the best time to take advantage of these new opportunities. Kyle has recently pointed out new sources other than Amazon, to give us a jump start. Let's go!

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    Mick18 Premium
    I was just saying yesterday, I can use a change of scenery once this is over. Travel is definitely on my mind in more ways than one.
    MKearns Premium
    Bok now! there's bound to be a rush!
    Willow29 Premium
    I love your positive attitude!

    You are so right; we are in the best place at the best time, and we all need to take advantage of this.

    Wishing us all great success in the years ahead!
    Wdcope Premium
    You are so right Michael. I love Spring because it reminds us of the newness of life and all things we treasure. Recently I decide to move away for the time from amazon. and several affiliates I had seen and put on the back burner I have brought out and the creative juices started to flow. Perhaps everything else changing gives us the freshness needed and required for success.
    Take care,
    eimba Premium
    Thank you for sharing this great post.
    CCelest Premium
    So true Michael. Thanks for sharing.
    MKearns Premium
    Welcome to WA, Celeste> What a heavenly name!