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October 04, 2015
I became an ambassador nearly a month ago. Nothing could have surprised me more! Actually being an ambassador makes me a bit nervous since I am not very knowledgeable in so many areas! But I love interacting on the WA website, welcoming new members, answering questions when I can, commenting on peoples blogs, communicating with people... it is very fun and encouraging to me.The important thing to remember about Ambassadors is that we don't necessarily know more than others in the WA commun
September 24, 2015
Google has announce that it will permanent remove websites if you are a repeat offender (see link below). It is worrisome to a beginner like me because it is often difficult to understand what is expected. I hope that it is not as onerous as it sounds!
September 19, 2015
Hey all you dog lovers! Next week (the last full week in September) is National Dog Week. Spend a little extra time with your pooches! As the proud owner of three pound puppies, I will be giving them extra walks and treats!Below are some word clouds of dog in many languages! Have fun!
September 17, 2015
Respect Day is September 18th each year (tomorrow). It is a day created to encourage people to be more respectful of others. Perhaps that means being more attentive to loved ones, or being more polite to the people around you, or visiting an older relative... however you feel comfortable showing a bit more respect to those around you.Here are some word clouds you can use in your efforts....
September 15, 2015
It is so important to be grateful for all the things in our lives - big or small. Today is National Thank You Day to help us remember. Try to take the time to thank the people in your life!Thank you WA!I created some more word clouds to share. I created them using which allows free use of them (see below). Note: These new images are generated using software that is completely free and clear to use ( "Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text
September 13, 2015
Here are some word clouds you can use freely (since I created them) to promote positive thinking on Positive Thinking Day. Have a positive, fun-filled day!NOTE: IF YOU DOWNLOADED IMAGES YESTERDAY PLEASE USE THESE IMAGES INSTEAD. These new images are generated using software that is completely free and clear to use ("Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the so
I periodically receive an email telling me what “day” it is - today’s said it was National Day of Encouragement (along with National Video Game day and National Chocolate Milk Shake day !?!). Now I usually read the email, smile and delete it but today I got to thinking about encouragement and how very important it is to us in WA and to everyone for that matter! This is actually a great idea!National Day of Encouragement was announced in 2007 and from what I can tell it was a
September 11, 2015
I was living outside of New York City on September 11, 2001 in a community where a lot of people who worked in NYC lived - a lot of Firefighter and policemen, investment brokers, people who could not make enough to live in the city itself. I remember the fear and grief that followed. I remember having to pickup my daughter at her elementary school because they were afraid to send the children home to empty houses. I remember the children who were left with no one to pick them up. I remembe
So I was watching a TED talk this morning, very early this morning, by Scott Geller (a professor at Virginia Tech who studies Self-Motivation). Here is the link if you want to watch it ( I was watching it because I was feeling a little unmotivated – OK a lot unmotivated – yesterday. I know that is a common problem here – it is so hard to stay Self –motivated. Scott Geller studies success and self m
September 07, 2015
Last week one of my friends said to me that they think I am too optimistic - it really shocked me. They were explaining to me that I had given my daughter an unrealistic attitude about what to expect out of life because I have always told her that if she keeps on trying, she can succeed. It still makes me so sad for this person and her children. I usually feel empowered and able to move forward even when things go wrong and the chaos monkeys (see earlier post) enter my life. So I just wante