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This message is for the new people who joined WA recently. When you are stuck there are few ways to get help. 1. Type the keyword of your problem in the "Need Help" input bar. It is at the top of your screen. For example, if you want to find Google Webmaster Tools lessons, just type "Google". Some items will come up, you just choose what is related to your question. 2. If you want to discuss something about choosing a niche. The best thing is to create a new blog. If you just type in unde
When we do "All in one SEO", what does it actually do? Does anyone know about it? For example, if you do one pages, the SEO will appear on all the pages, but the post SEO are all empty. Sometimes some of our pages are on a different subject, and the keywords are all different. Do we have to change it or leave it alone? Do we have to do one on the post, or we have to do every post? It would be good if someone could clear this up, for me and for all the newly joined.
I submitted my website to Adword today, but it was rejected. They said my home page is a bridge page. Please see below the definition of a bridge page:- Google AdWords doesn't allow ads that promote bridge pages. A bridge page, also known as a doorway page, is a webpage created for the main purpose of sending visitors to a different site. Bridge pages can also be sites that drive traffic from AdWords-compliant content to non-compliant content. Affiliates that display the same characteristics
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