10 most common newbie mistakes in Affiliate marketing

Last Update: January 25, 2016

Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes we made as a newbie in Affiliate Marketing.

1. Spreading yourself too thin - you have too many ideas and build too many websites. At the end, you have few websites which doesn't rank and make you no money. You need only one good website to be successful.

2. Not doing your research in depth - you rush into building your website, and you picked the wrong niche. You don't even know that your competitors are so strong, or the niche you picked makes you no money.

3. Giving up too early - we all know this one, so no need to explain.

4. Don't know how to write engaging articles - you just wrote some words on the screen. You should ask someone to review it for you. Someone who could give you a honest opinion, I mean honest, really honest. Tell them to let you know everything they don't like about your website - I mean EVERYTHING.

5. Don't understand how to pick and use keywords - don't be surprise, many of us don't know how.

6. How to do SEO - there are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You might have a perfect on-page SEO, but you don't know how to add more in-coming links to boost your off-page SEO. There are many directory listing websites where you could submit your website address to improve your website ranking.

7. Don't understand how to convert visitors to customers - you need to gain trust with your visitors then you build a good relationship, then will good relationship you get sales. To gain trust, you have to write long and engaging articles with substances and something unique.

8. You can paid to get help - we don't know how to do everything. You might want to get help with something you are not good at. For example, designing layout or SEO.

9. Don't understand what is "marketing" - what we are doing is affiliate marketing. If you don't know anything about marketing, you should go to the library and borrow a few books to read. Keep learning and don't be arrogant and think you know everything.

10. Be consistence - to produce result, you have to be consistence with your work. Stick to your schedule and post once or twice a week consistently. Constantly produce, review, amend your work.

You comments are welcome. I don't pretend I know it all (in fact I don't know much. I love to learn from you guys.



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XinZhang Premium
Thanks for sharing!
MisterWailor Premium
You are welcome.
speedking Premium
Very well written and well said .......im making a note of this,thanks for sharing , Johan.
MisterWailor Premium
You are welcome.
Chris2005 Premium
Mister Wailor,
After three years of this, I still struggle with some of these items. Getting a handle on this list will help any newbie.
MisterWailor Premium
Thanks for your comment. I am guilty of some of these mistakes as well.
BBR913 Premium
Thank you!
JudeP Premium
Thanks :)