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October 16, 2012
Howdie peeps just a real quickie 2day.Before I get into the top 10 Marketing Tips I have to tell you that they don't come from me.... They come from a rather a bald headed geezer called Jim. This is Jim, Keep cool ladies he's married!I met Jim a few months ago I came across an ad in an online journal (I can't remember which) and it had some really cool info. I followed the links and it led me to a blog called "Jim's Marketing Blog"If you don't know Jim get to know him.. I ha
Ever since I started online marketing I've looked for ways to not only speed up learning curve as well as my earnings. This is the tale of just one of the particular method I use and I one of the sites I have put into motion to use it with! is my newest site that I an going to use offsite SEO marketing with. I will drive visitors to the site via articles squidoo lenses Hub-pages and a whole load of other sources. I'll write a Press release and get that syndicated and all
October 13, 2012
It's a funny ole game this internet Marketing isn't it, seems that so many folks are taking the challenge, but you know that hat only means that so many more will fail. I've been a member at Wealthy Affiliate coming up for 4 years and knew nothing about what online marketing when I started. Since month #2 I've been able to "pay for my membership" with commissions made form sites I'd built as direct result of action that I'd taken. Here's my own success post:" Pos
October 11, 2012
Hi peeps I just messed around for a few mins changing a few wealthy affiliate images to reflect that it's free to start ... Carrying on the theme of "something for nothing" Feel free to use them if you like .. They ain't pro just ghetto!10 Day Scratch unlimited This one THIS ONE .. ok ENJOY .. IF YOU USE 'EM
Kind of a mouth full that lot eh! But it just sounds kinda right. Spock would probably approve of 1 or 2 if he could see logical reason for enabling the systems.Sounds like mumbo jumbo does it? well I'm talking about the blending of wordpress websites and Pinterest like applications, or is it visa versa!Either way if you are a Pinner your gonna wanna... ... Take a look OKPinterest on your Facebook Styleee... here at WA
10 comments like everyone and their uncle is an authority on wordpress SEO at the moment. There are tutorials popping up al over the place. Which is a good thing right?Wrong... Most of the tutorials you read will be from people who are NOT ranking their wordpress sites and only talk about how to make money online without actually cashing online pay checks themselves.One guy who I get plenty of tips from is a dude called Joost De Valk .... Who is he Joost? He's the guy spe
Just over having a discussion on the WA chat .. well check it out here it's only a few mins :)Making Training at WA Pay. click the image below
I've been getting a new type of spam to one of my blogs. It's been going on for about 7 days now and I've had to take the most drastic action possible... Contact form spam what a pain in the armpit that is.
With thunder comes rain and with wordpress themes come plugins! You may have caught my thunder post last week, so I thought it's about time I confessed to the wordpress plugin frenzy that went along with the themes. Am I addicted to wordpress plugins? I don't know it's more of a love affair! Here are wordpress plugin's I have on this hard drive... Well most of them anyway.. Chick here to see the sequel to confessions of a wordpress junkie... See what compulsive wordpress plug
August 12, 2012
I've been trying to hide it but every time I look into my computer files I'm reminded. of the fact ...It's not a serious addiction as yet, well that depends you'll have to talk to my friends and ask them if the have noticed anything strange about me lately. What am I suffering from? ... I'm a Wordpress Theme & Plugin hoarderHave you these same symptoms My therapist says sharing may help. So here you go... Click to read 18 Confessions From A Cheap WordPress Theme and Plugin Ju