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November 28, 2012
I was buzzing around another forum this morning and someone asked about whether it was a good idea to use background images.I think that all sites are "personal" and achieving what you want as far as site design can be a big deal for many web designers even the ones that use wordpress for affiliate sites.. yep I'm talking about you!Having a plain white weblog with an appropriate background image can really make your site pop for the right reasons.Anyway... without getting too far into should
If you want to get comments to your personal blog asking at WA is a flop.Do you think that members from Wealthy Affiliate read each others personal weblogs?I think blogs that are related to your WA profile may get a glimpse, but it's rare that members will actually leave wealthy affiliate and peruse your own web-space.I'm in the latter stages of crafting my first course here at the WA and it's focused at "Traffic Generation" sort of ..
We all go through changes during our life time. Evolutions of state I’m calling it. When we move from the trainee to trained, it could apply to any walk of life, commis chef to head chef, painters mate to painter or trainee manager to general manager all evolutions of state that we can go through. Evolution takes us through a state of learning, and consequently into a totally different state of mind as evaluate our new found competencies. It’s the newbie to WordPress geek stage..... r
Wazz Up Peeps,I just recorded a video as I hear "how do I add google analytics to wordpress" almost on a daily basis here at the WA.... Not surprising as we have new members joining every day!Anyway I tried to upload it as a training video but he uploader is on the blink again... Click That Man's nose To See How-To! Click in the "small" image of the geezer above to be taken to where the goodies lie. Cheers Tony B aka Mission0ps . a peek inside my head
November 05, 2012
WHAT'S THE FIRST WORD YOU SEE?Leave a comment and let us know the first word you see. I think at least 70% of the responses will be the same and 90% will be one of three words. Tony a peek inside my head more than just marketing.
Ever had that great business idea or a great product to launch?... On the flip slide, Have you ever wondered just why your idea's never got off the ground or even why you were not able to sell more units than you did? The answer may be that you need to learn better marketing techniques.It's no surprise that some business and lots of individuals report profits growing by 500% or more. After you learn the correct marketing techniques for your purposes you are able to launch a targeted camp
I've been like a kid with a new toy and guess why?Wordpress of course!Wordpress plugins have me all gooey at the moment and my latest is one hell of a hum dinger!I haven't got time to tell you too much about it here but I did create a post on Mission0ps this morning...InstaBuilder .. I've been seeing the emails for a few days and ignored them .. More fool me, don't do the same. This insanely awesome plugin WILL go on sale costing at least $150 >>>But it's only cheap for the n
So you want to know if YOU can really make a good living working online? Well the answer is certainly an astounding yes, however the truth is there are so many programs that are bent o taking your money rather than assisting you to make money, that you could spend literally years searching for the right programs online to help you succeed. I’m going to give you a quick overview of exactly what you need to make it online and at the end of this article you will find a link to a review page
This is not cool On 23 October 2012 00:24, wrote: FINAL SETTLEMENT OFFER October 22, 2012 Dear Bostrom-Balthazar, This is our third attempt to contact you regarding your unauthorized use of the domain name. Rolf C. Hagen is the owner of some of the most famous trademarks in the pet care industry, including Fluval, Marina, Exo Terra, Dogit, Catit, Nutrience, Living World, Laguna, Vivexotic, Habitrail, Le Salon, Glo, Nutrafin, Elite, Aquaclear, Zoe, Vision, Tropi
It’s not always obvious the statements that roll off the tongues of IM’ers and a “Linkwheel” is one of those terms that can be expanded upon. For someone quite new to Internet Marketing it's a term that you'll come across in time. When To Spin The LinkWheelA simple formula that comes down to this: If you make a couple of sales in a niche you may figure that niche may be quite lucrative, – That is when it becomes worthwhile to make a link wheel.A link wheel i