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April 8th 20136 and it finally looks like Spring may be here ... Not that you would know by looking at blossom as there'#s still none on the trees in my garden.Is it Global ?Are YOU seeing signs of Spring yet?Still have snow on the ground?Well it will all blow over soon.. I hope I wonder what it will be like next year - Winter 2014?
Today I just want to share some recent changes in Amazon TOS that caught my attention. It's nothing scary or nothing to panic about :) just something that every Amazon affiliate needs to know.For the last few months Amazon was updating their Operating Agreement and TOS. These changes also introduced some products that affiliates are not supposed to promote.At first it was just a few products (October 2012) but the list grew the following months and now it's got 26 products plus certain
Affiliate marketers work hard to make a commission and of course, they want payments as soon as humanly possible. But not all networks or product owners pay out at the same rate.Third party sites like HubPages pay out two months after the commissions are earned. They’re similar to how Amazon pays their affiliates. So for instance, if you have a really good month in December for Christmas sales, you won’t see those funds until February. This is to protect the company from refunds tha
Maverick - a non conformist A persona that I've carried with me most of my life. I'm the dude that ask's why? The man that doesn't except the Status Quo but pushes the boundaries in pursuit of more whatever cause or subject has my attention. Such a guy never has little fear of stepping outside the comfort zone and see's opportunity in every failure. But - only human everyone has their own cut off point. From the shadows I'll pop up and share an idea an opinion or a new bi
Wazz Up Peeps -I've been looking at a lot of teh websites from our newer members who are starting the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Course and I'm seeing a common mistake.......that NEEDS FIXING.I'm a bit of an Search engine optimization geek - But everything I've learned started right here in Wealthy Affiliate in Jan 2009...So today's Monday morning musing (yep- I plan to do one every Monday!) is a bit of a find the pigeon test.As I said it's a problem I'm seeing far to
Internet marketers in all areas of business often go looking for an online coach who can either help them get started on the right foot, or coach them to the next level in sales and commissions.Your goal is ultimately to earn more money, but you want to choose an affiliate coach that delivers information in a way you enjoy, and has the ethics intact that you can respect and implement.There are tons of affiliate marketing courses and tools that help you learn the fundamentals about promoting tang
That was the question that hit the chat her at WA ... "Where To Get A New Privacy Policy"I used to use a plugin but the less the better as far as plugins are concerned... So a static page is GREAT with me . If it is with you too .. let's find out about together! Took me 10 mins ! I must be slow :o)
January 23, 2013
Hi Peeps , it's been almost 4 years to the day I joined WA and I have to say that yep .. It was one of the best moved I ever made... And let's just say that I ain't leaving any year soon! It's always a little daunting when you first start this journey - So as a bit of a give back I want to offer 101 with anyone that needs a helping hand...There isn't anything that I would say I'm not familiar with when it comes to creating an online business so don't be shy... Nich
A second Chance To Make a first Impression On Yourself!Strange how we all seem to have an impression of ourselves that knows we could do better... We know we could, do more with our time and be more effective in our every day tasks, goals and lives.Ever feel lie that? It's about now when the New Years resolutions kick in .... If you want to succeed with every resolution you set yourself you need a smart plan. Don't fail at anything in 2013. Any goal is within your grasp - Simple tips th
December 29, 2012
When I asked what Leah & Kyle wanted for Christmas they told me they wanted Spy Gear - I was a little shocked as Kyle who's 8 always wants something to do with football, or soccer depending on which side of the pond. He's 8 yrs old now and a Manchester United freak! Leah is 11 yrs old and a bit of an arts& crafts fanatic.Anyway's Toy's R Us it was with a whole load of spy gear.As I type there are infa red traps leading up the stairs beeping if I go up to the kids bedroom doors!Bu