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I LOVE music and it finds it's way into almost every minute of my day. It reminds me, helps me, inspires me and often saves me. It's Been A While We all know there's no easy road to life, and I've been working on 'ending the grind' that's been holding me back for a few months now. Anyway's this particular song from John Legend "Ordinary People" kinda saved me a few weeks ago, which is a totally different story ... Yet today all I could think about when listening to the Ordinary People Reggaesta
There's always something that I'd like to change in the design or the wordpress themes I use, How about you? The widget width, the font colors or sizes there's always something - And there's always a little disappointment when I look into the WP settings and there's no "easy" button to press or drop down box to make a change from.CSS - Cascading Style Sheets What we find is a box that allows us to alter the CSS And it's round about then that I start to scratch my head! When it comes to tweaking
April 21, 2014
She was writing a piece for her dissertation and the intro was too long... BUT I bet you've asked yourself: How long should it be? There's always a debate going on about how many words make good reading. I remember when I started online back in 2008 a blog posts, ezine articles even Squidoo lenses were 300 words - 400 words. In turn that meant that the online word was optimized to the max for potential keywords - now called stuffing. These days 5 years on it's not only our blog posts and artic
There's no doubt about it images & shoes are a choice commodity that you can never have enough of. Just imagine having an infinite closet of shoes ... Yeah I wish too. Well I haven't got a clue where I can stack up on free shoes, but I'm adding to the resource of FREE graphics to my blog and I wanted to leave a link for you peeps here.. Ethically Steal These Graphics I've seen a few chat threads and a few great posts about where to find graphics for your website - Do a search up top and yo
Back in the day when setting up a wordpress one of the essential steps that "I" used to take was inserting a ping list. Now I'm not sure if you even know what I'm talking about so I'm just going to get all basic on ya! When we publish a post we want it to get indexed ASAP, so often we rely on a google sitemap plugin or something similar to help with that. Wordpress also has a section in the backend that allows you to add the url's of services that you would like to let know that you have
March 31, 2014
You may not know this but today is officially “World Backup Day” designed to raise awareness about the importance of backing up your digital life i.e. your photos, music, movies, documents and more. Our whole lives are now stored on hard drives - But what if these hard drives crash? When a hard drive fails and the data isn't backed up, it's gone. And it's not a question of if your drive will fail, it's when. Remember, every hard drive will eventually fail in its lifetime. That’s why thi
How to compete with the big boys without a big budget - we're talking intro videos to boost YOU - That's what's on the agenda today. It seems like an age since I've actually created a bit of content for this blog, though a lot of you will know, I have been busy as usual and most certainly I won't ever stop nudging those who ask for it from the sidelines! As the saying goes out with the old and in with the new. It's that time of year where I call my websites. Out any any sites that aren't making
I often giggle at the reality of my online journey - I signed up for a training program that promised to show me how to make money online ... and they did! Just over 5 years ago I stumbled across a website ran by Marcus, it wasn't the first wealthy affiliate website that I came across, however there was a certain tone to the message that Marcus put out on his website plus the fact that he offered me something quite unique that I would later realise the true value of. The story of my early succ
This week I am focusing on Wordpress, the most popular CMS (Content Management System) used on the internet today. If you search google for "set up a blog with wordpress" you'll find 245'000'000 websites telling you how to do it. WordPress is easy to use but a lot harder to master -recognise anyone on the front page? Here's Five WordPress Facts Found Across The Interweb WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform. It is used by over 72 million websites and powers everything f
I'm still getting crap like the stuff below finding it's way to my inbox ... The guy that sent me the following message had me deleted from his email list in no time at all. I'm just going to paste the email in for you to read. <strong>She made $387+ in her first 24 hours..</strong>. Hey,<br /><br />That&#39;s right, a newbie made over $387 in her first 24 hours using this...<br /> <br /><code>http://www.************.com/recomends/newbie-method