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You can get a LOT more shares on social media if you shape your message for the platform you are on. It’s a common misconception that we post the same info on all our social profiles. These guidelines help to squeeze leverage and traffic from your social shares.
As Bob Marley said can't please all the people all the time. But that sure doesn't stop me from trying... I got a notification from aweber that one of our WA members unsubscribe from my list, I have no problem with that at all, thought I do want to at least 'add value' to anyone that comes across my site. The comments they left were: 1) the training videos were hard to understand - was it my voice, my accent or the actual content? 2) No value added... I feel a little gutted at that one.
It's not just me honest - there's loads of peeps that love sharing their images all over the social networks.,, With some niches, like Arts & Crafts, Fashion infact any niche website can benefit from their for images being shared all over social media can't they? BTW - I found an awesome image for "ninja email marketing techniques" today from Image sharing across the social networks isn't as simple isn't the one click task that it should be. Each of the main platforms
11 comments Happy 70 Birthday Bob! - Here's an acapella version of could you be loved From the Bob Marley Israel 70 Birthday Celebration" Artists! All Vocals - No Instruments
There are quite a tools online for mind-mapping and plenty offer a free trial too -I love to try B4 I buy - or if I prefer move on to the next free trial! With a little thinking outside the box you can use mind-mapping applications for almost anything you want. I like personally love MindMeister but there's plenty others: MindMup (web-based), Mind Manager (30 days free - no CC) Freemind (open source) or 1 (web-based). xMind (free dl) Please do add any more you think of or find...
January 06, 2015
Whether you're a band musician, or band manager you've probably considered having your own website, but haven't really got round to it..... yet. There's Soundcloud, Myspace, and Tumblr right! Yeah you can go ahead and load your info and tracks onto one of those websites or any place similar. But do you really control all your fans see and listen to? Don't get me twisted, I'm go to soundcloud to listen to music from my fav local bands too. However I'm far too familiar with what is called
Hey I really love marketing, the idea of being able to make money without spending money is really awesome. Work my own hours, I work when I fancy, and most importantly no boss the buck stops with me. Amazon is a fantastic source of income for us affiliate marketers, and if you're not grabbing a piece of that pie you really should jump on it and practice what is taught here at wealthy affiliate. There was a time when I would often add training to the WA platform eager to share what I was learni
There's always a buzz around learning affiliate marketing, and there's not a day goes past when I don't see new faces here at Wealthy Affiliate. Young and old alike are drawn to our learning community, some are quite aware of what we do and are looking for a No Scam opportunity to take their lives into a new direction. Some have no idea at all what it is we do, they come to fill out surveys or think they get $$ for just being here... I always wonder what message was on the webpage that dire
The parcel I was waiting for finally arrived, it was a lot bigger than I imagined, I was downstairs in the living room looking for somewhere to hide this extra large box, when I heard the distinctive pinging of my mobile phone. I dropped the box on the sofa and darted up three flights of stairs to the office trying to catch it before it kicked into voicemail. Within seconds I wish I hadn't bothered. A voice on the end of the phone informed me that they had a tool that could tell me the names an
Did you get your email from HubPages about your extra featured hubs? I did and I had to investigate.. I haven't written for any web 2.0 platforms for ages. HubPages have bought Squidoo. I had no idea because... It's been awhile since I checked my Squidoo accounts, and with good reason, I don't like being frustrated. For at least 12 months now squidoo have been making changes to their affiliates agreements and essentially cutting us out of the picture. Is real shame because squid was where I got