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Hey guys,I would like to know about your experience regarding the online business world. I know that not everybody in this community is on the same business. Some have affiliate niche sites, some have online stores, others are freelancers, some may be involved in a MLM, others may sell advertising, others may dropship, others may create or sell apps... The list is long lol.In my case, I don't have much experience but I've been involved in 3 different business models: MLM, affiliate marketing an
Hey everybody =)I've been thinking about sharing the experience I had last Saturday, since it means a lot to me. Well I'll start explaining everything since the beginning lolLast summer I started watching some of my favorite childhood Disney movies since it had been a lot of time I had not watched any of them, and I wanted to recall some memories. Then the Lion King musical came to mind so I wondered if there was any other musical of other movies I liked, and found out that there was a musical
Hey WAers,I've been thinking for a while whether to write about this or not, since it's something a little bit weird lol.I don't even know if "date guesser" is an appropriate name for this.By saying I can be a date guesser, I mean that I can guess the day of the week of any date without checking out a calendar. For example, you mention a month/day/year and I'll tell you in a matter of seconds (sometimes it may take me a few minutes) what day of the week (Monday, Tuesday...) it was or it will be
Hey guys!It's been a while since I wrote my last WA blog post. Perhaps many of you already know this, but for those who still don't know: if you delete an image from your Wordpress library, the image won't appear in your post. I've noticed this because I've seen that some pictures didn't appear in one of my scam reviews (I had deleted them from my Wordpress library), so I had to search for the pictures and post them again :/I personally at least post 5 pictures on my posts, so I thought it was
February 18, 2017
Hey guys,I've been wondering if I should post tags in the SEO section of my blog posts (SEO title, SEO description, SEO keywords). I haven't posted anything yet since I don't fully understand the importance of it.See what I mean in the picture below:Do you take this into consideration? Looking forward to your answers.Thank you and have a great weekend,Miren
February 01, 2017
Hey guys,It's already been 7 hours since I turned 21, how times flies! Thanks God for another year. I'm also grateful for everyone who has taken the time to wish me a happy birthday.I can't believe in less than 2 months it will have been a year since I joined this amazing community.I'm currently taking the Affiliate Bootcamp courses and even though I'm not where I want to be, I've managed to create some content and made some WA commissions. Procrastination and lack of focus have been my biggest
Hey guys,I've been searching how to add more space to the right and left sidebars on my website.The thing is, I like how it looks from my computer, but I don't like how it looks when I check it from my smartphone.See what I mean below: This is how it looks from the computerThis is how it looks from my smartphoneAs y'all can see, there's no margin when I check one of my website's blog post from my phone, which I don't like.Do y'all know if there's a way to add more space to the sidebars? Has it
It's only been a day since a new year started and I want to tell you something.I don't know how last year was for you, but no matter what you've been going through or what life throws at you, know that you're not alone and you're loved.May you find the strength to let go of everything that has been pulling you down. May you find the courage to pursue your dreams and passions.I wish you all a prosperous and happy New Year 2017 full of happiness, health, love and success. =)
Hi y'all,I suppose it's something common to get stuck in the online world, since it's like a jungle full of information and tools.I usually get stuck and distracted because I'm so curious (I want to know everything lol) and I usually have a lot of ideas come to my mind, so I keep asking myself things like "what if I do this instead of that?", "what's the best way to do this?".When I'm interested in something, I search for information from various sources and like to know everyone's point of vie
Hi people,I've been wondering if Instagram stories would be a good tool to promote my business.For those who don't know about Instagram stories, it's similar to Snapchat, it's a feature that enables you to share the amount of pictures and videos you want throughout the day, and they all appear in a slideshow format. There are text, filters and drawing tools that will help you make your story more creative. The pictures and videos disappear within a day after being posted.Your IG followers can s