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Hey there,I'll be honest with you guys. A lot of times I feel like giving up on this for several reasons. I joined WA 2 years ago (still can't believe it's already been 2 years) but I was not taking it seriously back then as I was still in school and was working as an intern. I also had the shiny object syndrome and was getting distracted by the many programs and courses that were being launched. Luckily I only fell for a pyramid scheme and at least it wasn't a high-ticket program.Back in Septe
Hey guys,I've been thinking whether to write about this or not, but I thought that maybe there's someone who's had a similar experience.I paid someone for personal coaching services and when I was getting started, this person lived up to her promises, so I thought her services were worth it.I paid her for a 4 sessions package and last month she did a session via Whatsapp and told me she would send me a file with some advice and tasks to do. After the first session she did send me what she promi
February 01, 2018
Hey everyone,I can't believe I've turned 22 today, how time flies!I remember 2 years ago at this time I was reading WA reviews to decide whether to join or not and in less than 2 months it's going to be 2 years since I joined, I will never regret it.Today it's been a special day to me because I've got to celebrate my birthday with my family members =)They've surprised me with this birthday cake that has two pictures of myself, one from when I was a baby and the other one from last year when I w
Hey guys,Even though I don't have a YouTube channel, I believe the new YouTube monetization policy is kind of unfair, as it's going to make it harder for small youtubers to make money.The new rule states that only channels with over 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months will be able to earn money through the YouTube Partner Program. They say this is going to be implemented next month.I got to know about this after seeing an Instagram story of a WA member named Sarah (@Bel
December 02, 2017
Hey guys!Two days ago when I was checking out my site stats on Google Analytics I thought of my site as my online home and was like "imagine if my online home was offline a.k.a. imagine if my online business was offline". I started imagining how it would be if my site's activity took place in a physical space like my home and couldn't help but laugh lol.At the beginning of November my blog was getting from 10 to 30 visits per day, which wouldn't be many visits if they took place at home. If eve
Hey WAers!I just noticed two people have used one of the featured images I created for one of my reviews about a scam I exposed.A woman used my image for a YouTube video she made to promote the scam product I had exposed. I guess she's a "scammers affiliate" so she's promoting the scam to make a quick buck. I'm wondering why couldn't she create her own picture and had to use mine without my consent. I don't know her but I don't like what she's done. That's something scam artists do...And the ot
Hey guys,I recently got a comment on a scam review. It's the first time I receive a comment like this one: I'm thinking of moving it to trash, I don't like comments that contain email addresses. Have you ever got a comment like the one above? Would you approve it or would you consider it spam?I'd love to know your thoughts on this. Thank you =)Miren
Hey guys,I was wondering what's the worst that scammers can do when it comes to those of us who expose their scams. I know they hate that there are people out there who expose their frauds. What do you think they're more likely to do: get away with everything they can and create another scam, or figure out a way to put us into trouble to avoid that their scams get exposed?I would appreaciate your opinion on this subject.Thank you!
Hey guys!Some days ago I found out a way to save time when it comes to posting pictures in my site posts. The thing is, there are pictures I post in all my posts, like my signature. I uploaded this picture to my Wordpress some months ago so now there are lots of pictures that appear before this one in my media library.Therefore, everytime I wanted to post the picture of my signature at the end of my posts, I had to scroll down to the bottom to find the picture (it's one of the firsts I uploaded
Hey guys,Have you ever got a refund on your WA monthly premium membership? I'm wondering if it's possible to get one and how it works because it seems one of my referrals got one, as seen in the picture below.This referral made the payment on July 30th and the refund was made on August 17th, so I'm wondering if the commission I got paid will be returned to WA and then WA will give the money back to the referral. It's not happened to me before so I don't know how it works the refund process.Does