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OK I have a pretty neat resourceNow there are a lot of sites that analyse your website but the output is so complicated you have to be a webmaster. HUBMASTER is such a resource but their analysis makes sense, and it's free.It is visual, and just darn right understandable.It was in my email today and i am glad I gave it a tryHERE it is! Sorry I am addicted to CAPITALS and it annoys the heck out of EVERYBODY. just because everyone uses their cooltext signatures I wil
In addition to wikimedia commons, which we all use, I found all these --- see which ones work. I havent tried them all yet
February 17, 2016
This was written some 80 yrs ago by a one Wallace D. WattlesIt is as applicable today as it was then.The INTEGRAL LIFE CHANGE PROCESS at my website; says basically this but I have updated it for the modern world.Action is one important aspect of "the force" of PERSONAL POWER.The focus at MINDwell is1. WILLINGNESS depends on a compelling goal. The more COMPELLING the better!!!2.POTENTIAL depends on the connections we cultivate. That is why this website mostly gets so much praise(for
February 14, 2016
This might be of interest to those posting the same material several times in their blog, or indeed on different blogsI have 3 closely related blogs and often the same material is applicable to all so I experimented with canonical URL setting in Yoast. This useful if the material is near identical but you want the search engines to "see" only one copy.I think thats rightAnyway here is how i set it upHere is SEO image / advanced settings YOAST.This is page with the most traffic so I want to keep
February 08, 2016
After spending maybe a 100 hours on your website you know where EVERY word is, you know exactly what you want to say, and you know exactly what you want people to buy, and as soon as people show most of them will want it straight away.YEAH RIGHT!In fact the longer you spend on your website, the more you miss the glaringly obvious mistakes.I didSimple things, but from a browser's point of view very important.Like is it IMMEDIATELY obvious what your site is about?YOU HAVE 2-5 secs to get a person
Right now, today I created a dedicated profile page on a new siterubix site, in addition to my usual domains. Here I want to put all my testimonials in one place, and link to that site from everywhere else.There is probably a lot of ways to do this but anyway trying this.
January 25, 2016
Sometimes getting "stuck" is incredibly frustrating.Nothing seems to work.Often times it is a mindset thing, and the instinctual reaction is to blame someone, the programme, the website, politicians, the dog etc.You would think the Law of Attraction would be easy.This slideshow suggests ALL the barriers and "stuckness" are in the subconscious mind.When they are recognised, their POWER is instantly lessened by the simple DECISIONI DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!(not the task --- the thing that bl
When I am allowed to do trainings, I will do a walkthrough of creating a SLIDESHARE project. It is really very easy, and gets GREAT traffic especially if you're slides are SEO optimised for the site, (which is really easy to do as you are uploading the slides).Novel ways to get your message out there are so important as TWITTER, FB, and G+ are just so saturated.As I say, I cant do a training for a couple of weeks, but I am gaining skills all the time in video, and training slides.Anyway here is
January 21, 2016
1. Share a post on your profile page at G+. Do the following esp if it gets likes or reshares-- that means it is a good post2. Join relevant communities eg network marketing which may have thousands of members3. For a good post --- get link of post and SHARE to the communityINSTANT AUDIENCE --- MAY BE IN THE THOUSANDSEven if you only have a handful of followersWhats more by joining a community each of those people absolutely will have an interest in your topic.HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT!!!Heres the
January 18, 2016
We associate money with many things mostly that are intangible likeFREEDOMCERTAINTYPEACE of MINDbut money is none of these things.Our happiness is about the INNER work. Not the constant striving to get what others may have in material comforts. When you look at your life, plan it in a holistic manner, and it may well be that money will help achieve that. But there other ways to be happy.In INTEGRAL CHANGE ---- MIND is the first tool that is overlooked. We think a lot of thoughts but do not watc