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January 06, 2021
What is it that you are searching for? Set your goals towards? Fulfill all your heart desires? Maybe a lifetime relationship, or to be thin again. Whatever that "IT" is. How important is it to you? Do you wanna be famous? Lol That will cost you. What are you willing to do? Give up? Cost? $$$ Cause I guarantee, it will cost you something. I love it here at WA. Its calmed my uncertainties. I don't seek to be happy, cause I am. I have a beautiful, gifted family who keep me occupied and entertai
January 04, 2021
Do you ever when you couldn't find the time to complete your day? I'm enjoying my new job. I plan on being good at it too. A cowboy once told me about being good at my job when I started driving a truck.. He said "Spend all your time with it, take it apart and put it back together, get dirty and practice everyday. When you feel totally comfortable, clean up like you do and grab a load. This way you will be good at what you do and look good while you're doing it." Inside all plans we must make
January 03, 2021
Working a 9-5 job has too many restrictions. Rules to follow, dealing with the public, and income caps, just to name a few. Plus, I don't play well with others for long period. This is not for me, I am not that kinda gal, but I am a negotiable kinda gal. I learned this skill very young, as I had 1,000 acres, no rules, and only child growing up. As I grew, I had to learn skills that weren't taught and definitely didn't come naturally. Then there are those times when I must place hand on hip a
January 02, 2021
Happy New to yall and me too. Ole saying, Whatever happens to you on New Years Day will follow you thru out the year. Example, if you have a flat tire yesterday, 1-1-2021, you will probably have more flats tires in 2021 than the "average bear" Just so happens, for pass 4 days I had lil problem with my site. Woke up to a report from support that the last 4 pages that I had completed..."WordPress was Not Installed " wth? First off I'm blonde as the day is long, not updated on tech stuff at
December 31, 2020
I did something right. Just got indexed by Google, got lil badge to prove it lol and 2 more referrals came over. Yee Haw
December 27, 2020
Im worldwide now baby. LOOK OUT