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February 16, 2021
We don't get as much snow as some folks think. Even though I live on the Tennessee/Kentucky line, somehow we get skipped over with snow. Not the case is passed 48 hours. We have been blessed with snow and lot of sleet to boot. To get out and play in, yes at my age, you can get that commercial sensation of your butt skidding down a mountain slope while been pulled behind the 4x4 down a dirt road. WOW, what a cool sensation lol. Can you force yourself to get a mental picture of me on plastic sl
February 14, 2021
Happy VALENTINES Day to all you Sweet folks. I myself am not as sweet as I used to be. Life tried my sweet abilities too many times, til I found a comfort zone I'm pleased with. Just not as sweet as I used to be. Once upon a time, I was sweetest thang on my block. Now my block was 5 miles long. Drove my daddy nuts ( whole different story, for another time) Good Times.For all still sweet, I hope you received bunch flowers and lots of candy. I got 4 yesterday, so I'm good. Till I ate it all lol.
February 11, 2021
Just me and my "lil blessing"Finally, I found the courage and the initiative to take Action this morning! I have been so disgusted with the emails piling up daily, that I took all I could. Everytime, I delete 2,000, another 3,000 show up. It was I cycle that needed my undivided attention for my own sanity. By the time I was finished, which took over 2 hours to get these emails deleted. .{ "Lil Blessing" is a bit slower than me.} So if anything was of importance, and I didn't catch it, to ar
February 09, 2021
I realize that some members that have been here longer don't always put value to rankings. However, a small town gal like me, it's an excitement this morning when I woke up to find my ranking fell quite a bet. I seem to be moving rather quickly, from my view.My ranking started out at like 200,000 or 300,000 at the end of December. It moved a little at a time, no big deal. Then I fell to 20,000 and running around the house grinning like a possum. Not even a handful of people know what I'm doi
February 07, 2021
Where do I begin?It is obviously no shocker, to realize how new I am at all of this blogging and website building. Perhaps that's why I like it so much is that it's challenging and so new to me. With the help from my new WAmily,, I'm working out the daily kinks. Thanks yall. I feel like I'm moving right along, lil behind perhaps, but still driven to complete my task consistantlyI was catching up today, filing papers in new folders, of different ares I'm involved with. Looks a lot neater. I
February 02, 2021
Guess What???I'm a happy gal. I hope I'm correct, but my blogs are getting indexed by Google. Not 1 or 2 but 5 so far. I'm beside myself right now. You probably couldn't even take lol. I am in shock. My question is; What takes so long?For starters, I'm in the learning process and I figured something out. [Diane please don't check my grammar] I think what I figured out was...once I publish a blog, I must go into WP and also edit each Post page. Correct? Cause that what I'm doing. Now the weird
January 31, 2021
Just a little story I'm ready to share...I have a lil "tea cup" short and chubby, She has a lil handle and a lil short spout, When I tip her over, She falls right out, cause just learning to walk. She's still my lil "tea cup" short and chubby.My "Lil Tea Cup' Runth over.The love and fun I shared with my children, I thought that I could never be able to share with another, but life held a lovey surprise for me the day I became a grand-mother. Although, I have two 5-year-old before her, I am
January 26, 2021
Such a "List to Do"I have several areas I can't seem to get caught up on. I had the pleasure of helping my daughter with her 5 yr and 1 year old and house and her after her knee replacement surgery. Lucy needed her mama, my favorite job I ever had. However, I still have 22,000 e-mails, still on Level 2 Lesson 7, haven't fixed my web page errors, caught up on my blogs and this is fist blog to WAmly in 2 weeks. I should be ashamed of myself and not looking good in front of "my role mode" Simone
January 14, 2021
22,483 E-mailsCan you imagine 22,483 e-mails in my inbox. I know I don't know that many people, at least I didn't think so until it occurred to me... Copy n paste is so easy with my lil pen, I use with my phone. I found myself crossing paths with 312 groups in a 3-hour period one night. Hum, I did more pasting than copying My accumulation, of the outrageous amount of e-mails has come from 3 major sources, I figured it out.First, I have discovered what a pain in the butt spamming can be. I mean
January 09, 2021
A lil blessing was found yesterday from the closet. I knew it was in there. I had just forgot, that cute lil thing come out of the box. My daughter grabbed it, she knew what it was. A lil blessings that I needed sent from above. I never knew how much of a blessing s until you are faced with challenges due to stubbornness. I'm bound and determined to start this business up there no turning back, I will NOT give up. He's been watching from above to see the work I put in, that out from the close