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June 23, 2021
If you build it, they will least that's what the rumor is. See these Amish building this barn? They came together, as a community to build this barn. I must inform you, there will be a feast for kings on this day as well. They work together, as skilled men and teaching the youngins at same time.So I'm building a website and hoping and preparing for visitors to show up. Please understand, I plan on a feast as well. I'm taking advantage of learning from the skilled, and will pass al
June 20, 2021
Once or twice in a lifetime, we meet special deep friendship...I'm very particular about how close I allow myself to how deep I will go. I consider myself and my lil circle an elite circle, a !% of a kind. My bi&%hes will bring their shovel, money, car or anything else that may be required to go the distance and anytime day or night. We have done unspeakable things that will follow us to the grave and plead the 5th, no doubt lol. These kind of relationship are few and far between, I'll
June 15, 2021
Poor "Lil Blessing" bout lost its plastic at 4am this morning... Time after time I've heard" Why darling, you can build a website in 30 minutes"....30 Minutes my rear end. My first on at WA I worked on 4 weeks and still couldn't make heads or tails out of it, even though I felt like I was really learning something.For those of you who don't know who "lil blessing" is... I had been building my first website on my phone. Yes my phone, there's a challenge all its own, but so is giving a pill to
This was my concern after a few first weeks at WA. I found myself in awe consumed by the many talented individuals that gathered at WA. Shortly, I overcame that fear as I was greeted with warm welcoming, eager to assist my thru my glitches, and not once felt belittled because if it.My research in WA, before joining was surprisingly comforting. I had not heard of WA before but found extreme accomplishments they have acquired. Producing the most millionaires in their field, time the company h
June 11, 2021
With all the notes I took one would think I had this down pat. Not lol, but I'm not as nervous as my first time. Still, intermediate to the process. No fear, I still have a determined attitude. A rule of mine... Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell outta the Way.Being gone a couple of months most things stayed the same, except for my website. Yes, I've had to start rebuilding all over again. That's not such a bad thing. This gives me a chance to use the tools available that I couldn't understand
June 10, 2021
Long Time Gone...It's alright now. I sure have miss my lil WAmily, the chats, the blogs and all the talent I have the privilege to be surrounded by.Oh course I must mention lil "Tea Cup" now walking and talks more than me, lol. The love I have for my children, I thought I could give to no other but life held a lovely surprise for me the day I became a grandmother. I've been exposed to life events in my short absence and I'm eager to share with you all a lil at a time. I look forward to expand
March 04, 2021
Cluck, Cluck, Chicken Truck...Load em up and moving on. Just a lil check up with my WAmily. My "Lil Blessing" has been in the shop and I've missed her. It has been like a withdrawals, and I fell behind. I'm gonna be a lil more behind if I take a break from her again anytime soon. Because I have to reload everything. I did't know they were gonna clean it and erase my stuff! What? That process, my darlins, takes a lot of time. Especially out in country when the service goes in and out.
February 28, 2021
Such a sad lil face, such dark lil eyes, and that hair. Lol My "Lil Tea Cup" is badly sick. Due to Covid ( which she is negative for) they chosen not to put a one year old in the hospital. Since this past Tuesday, MY "Lil Tea Cup" went sick. Starting to dehydrate, her mama, my daughter took baby Leona to doctor. She left doctors with a 103 temperature, no explanation for sickness but negative for covid. I got her mama, Lucy , my daughter to run her to Emergency room in another town in bigg
Wake up in the mornin,look in the mirror and say "I AM GONNA TO WIN TODAY" To be a winner you must behave like you've already won. Hold your head up high. Smile at people as you walk by. Act like you got some sence, even if you don't have the sence God gave a "Used Mule" act like you do Anyway. It's an Attitude. It's a Mindset. It's the way you treat people. It's the way you behave. Some might even call it a game, role playing, I don't care what you call it but be a Winner. Everything star
February 20, 2021
Things lil boring around here lately, but that is's about to change this evening, because I got a date with a "my lil tea cup" tonight. A hot date with sassy lil one-year-old keep things stirred up around here lol. I've been bored without her. I even picked out some fun supper for us. Ms. Leona and I will be dining at the kids tables with bowl of spaghetti.Close your eyes for just a moment. I want you to get a mental picture of a one-year-old eating spaghetti. It's like a drunkard taking