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July 13, 2021
My third child is a wheel n deal kinda gal.Her and her boyfriend are always trading, swapping, and banking. I don't think they had the same vehicle over 60 days lol. Of course, he's a hustler and well, she's mine lol. Be that as it may, she makes friends real easy and has befriended a local pawn shop guy (my girl...mama said "I met a Man") who likes them both, because they help him get rid of old pawns that nobody wanted. They were trading about 2 weeks ago, and she knows that I have been
July 11, 2021
Picking Up PaymentsAffiliate links are paying off thru PayPal. Payments picking up. Another Payment came in thru my lil buddy PayPal. I am not doing my job. There are so many to do. Advertising stopped 3 weeks ago due to functioning of my email. So that my fault not keeping up with my small Affiliate collection, but somebody paid off again. Yee Haw...Another list to be made of my many jobs to tend to thru site. Lil site is going. I need to add more. Best wishes to all. We start small, but l
July 09, 2021
WHO PROTECTS WHO?I've raised almost every animal natural to US. "My House". In the attic at my house was a black snake, my daddy referred to him as "My Boy". Don't you bother My Boy girl. Well daddy, tell your boy, if he chases me again, I'm gonna duck tape him to the cloths line. "My Boy" chased me again. The fight was on, reason n safety is only thing that helps control me. So daddy told me reason why "My Boy" was so important. My yard, was about 3 acres including garden, garage, my babies p
Nothing is Perfect, So much at once, but no more than what I can handle.I am so excited about my lil child's coding coloring book. For 8 year old. The process of a gaming website design. It's kool as heck. I ain't proud woman. I take no shame in getting what I want. But this attitude...has gone far enough. I've done A Lot of wonderful things in this life. Ain't Nothing past me by, fulfilled all my desires, career, $$$, children, n wild animals lol. But it's not over yet...this round will i
July 06, 2021
Daddy always told me, if you can't run with the Big Dogs, keep ya butt on the porch. Lol I ain't never stayed on porch except to sleep in the swing. I have always accommodated myself to have a "Large Car" running down the highway. Had to have the prettiest horse, and I ain't never been to bed with an ugly man, but I woke up with a few. LolTo be a winner, you must learn n follow a winner, right? My "Role Model" has instructed me to celebrate the small stuff, cause things grow big. So, I final
July 03, 2021
That's just what I did too...Of course around here they think I'm crazy anyway. They're not too far off either. I not at all embarrassed being abnormal. I ain't no punk, and I'm not gonna start now lol. I actually went in bathroom and high fived the mirror lol.Lil project I was sorta working on, not that big of a deal to me till it happened. I got pretty darn close last time here and I crossed that line today. I am actually in the top 200 now, 190 to be exact. Last time I looked.I'm not o
When you come home tired and you're werry from your work,Meet 6/7 children with their faces full of dirt...Then take their supper from the bosom of your shirt. There's no place like homeWhen your Realitives come to visit you and you give them the best spot in the lot, while you go out on a dirty lil cot and son-in-law of yours says "You ought to be shot "There's no place like home ... Home Home, There's no place like HomeA lil ditty just y'all...Y'all Come Back now, Ya Hear?
June 30, 2021
I was holding backnot to big of a deal, but I have this Urge to be I the top 200. Today I'm setting at 228, so I'm getting pretty close. Just thought I share. Just discovered a surprise...shocker actually, I had written a short piece of "Touching Base" cause I had nothing on my mind. I get an email an hour ago that said id had been indexed by Google, BING, n Yahoo. That's pretty kool right. In only 3 days. I think they got a kick out of the horse lolBoot Camp is too kool. I wish I had
June 27, 2021
Nothing is coming to mind've been wanting to write this special blog with Hugh in mind cause he likes to be entertained. About a visitor I had early one morning, but I can't get to video to load. Apparently I need assistance, because you had to be there and I was lol.Lots of this have crossed my mind to write about, but this is no therapy session and I don't want to vent problems. Only tell you I been bad mood and have showed my rear end accordingly. Yes I stated I even obtained a black e
June 25, 2021
Look what I woke up to...a Handy Dandy Badge...Well I'm a long tall Texan, I wear 10 gallon hat...(he ride from Texas wearing a 10 gallon hat)....Well people look at me an say " Ua ruh, ua ruh, Is that your hat?" I was walking down the street with my shinny badge, my spurs jingling at my feet. I seen a man a coming. Coming with a blow gun and I just can't be beat...Well I'm a long tall Texan, I wear a 10 gallon hat.That's your song for the morning because I earned a new badge. Lol. Can't t w