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With this mind and coincidentally my new website thoroughly up and running I would appreciate any comments people may have on the site. Leave me your website address and I would be only too happy to return the favour. The site is perfect for those thinking of taking up this amazing practise, especially men and those with back pain.
Hi, sorry I haven't posted a while on my unlockthefear site, I've been busy researching and working on my new site. Please have a look at and let me know what you think about the niche itself, my website's content, its look feel or whatever the hell you wanna say about it, good or bad, mostly good though please.
April 24, 2015
When you finish a post is it just me or does it not give you an enormous amount of satisfaction? You actually feel like you have accomplished something. I don't think I have felt like this since completing my dissertation at University! My new post is Please take a look and any comments you have will be greatly appreciated. Mikey
It's an interesting point, once you've spent a significant amount of time creating a new post for your website you want to shout from the rooftops. However where is really the best place to promote your new work? Email, social media, door to door?! I have a new post at please have a look and maybe give me an insight into what you do to promote your posts. The post is Thanks
April 03, 2015
I have a new post at long last... is there a balance between researching, getting to know your stuff and actually producing content?
February 20, 2015
Sir Clive Woodward (famous ex-rugby coach in England) showed this sentence to the England Rugby Team and asked them to count the number of F’s. He gave them 10 seconds to study it. Have a go yourself, the sentence is: FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT OF MANY YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF MANY YEARS. Most of the players counted 3 F’s what did you get? There are 6 F’s in total, most of the squad skim read the sentence overlooking the F’s in the 3 OF’s. The po
Fear is a funny thing — it’s both an impediment and a motivator. This is very true in my case the motivating factor far outweighs the impeding nature of fear. Changing careers is a major life event and one not to be taken lightly. To date I’ve spoken about SEO in particular but also I’ve mentioned that attention to detail is vital to success. So far this week in a bid to increase traffic to my site I’ve visited many blogs leaving comments and picking up tips. Matthew Woodward at matth