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How do I put my privacy page in a footer
Discussion Hey all Just a quick one, how do i put my privacy page in a…
4 years ago 30 Replies
Adding a member area
Hi all, is there a good plug in to develop a member area. My site offers…
5 years ago 13 Replies
Please critique my new website
Hello all you WArriorsI invite your critique and comments on my new website…
8 years ago 44 Replies
My WA network
Discussion - Hi all in WA world.My question is this, When your network…
8 years ago 7 Replies
Discussion Ok i have a question, I am starting a new site and my keyword…
8 years ago 11 Replies
Home vs blog pages
Discussiontis but a simple blog!! I am still confused. How do you set…
8 years ago 6 Replies