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As many of you may or may not know, I am passionate about a few things in my life, one is writing and literature, two is my immediate family and three is helping people achieve what they desire in life by setting and achieving goals. I often, at the most inopportune moments get a Eureka moment that further clarifies a point I am working on in my life and the other day I had one. I would like to think you noticed but in my heart I know you didn't, that I have been quiet on the blog front this la
August 21, 2013
I am having a bit of a bad week this week to be honest, WA started well but then the information snowball rolled through Hampshire and I found myself dazed and battered over in West Sussex with a beaten ego and a sore head. I pray you stay long enough to read this because I think this post has a lot of crucial keys to those of us that aren't where we will like to be. Please read this and take notes. Got a pen and some paper, this is a long blog but for those of you that even read it I would lik
August 19, 2013
Well ok I am a proud Dad and Lee Gamelin (WA) would agree with me on this. While I spend many hours on this site, whether thats good, bad or a habit, I don't know but I can lose myself here and while away the hours (yes that is the correct while to use, not wile) We need to bring our heads up or have a day off to breathe real air and look around at what's important. My oldest daughter last night asked me if I could take her to a college interview at Kingston College, UK. Now Mondays are a very
August 15, 2013
Here I sit again, another late night, reflecting on my day, my chores, my goals and my new site and I wanted to share a thought that seemed very real to me when it comes to these websites. I have always fancied myself a child of the sixties, bit of a hippy at heart and a very frustrated artist, yes I have had a pony tail and a diamond in my left ear and I love CCR, Fairport Convention and Van Morrison and my dream would be to walk the roads of Europe with a guitar on my back but here's the poin
August 15, 2013
Hi all I have just finished my website on whiter teeth and i would like an honest critique on it with comments. I know you all hate the dentist, I know that but beyond that. How does it look, how does it read. Any ideas on monetising. i am waiting for the affiliate window approval to add my boots banner but please be somewhat harsh. I am tough and wont cry....much Cheers guys MikeyB
August 14, 2013
Its 19 weeks till the end of the year and that 19 weeks from reaching your 300 referrals so we can all see each other in Vegas. So, after taking my POWER goals course lol, you can power Action plan in your diaries how to get 300 Refs in 19 weeks, by my calculation thats 15.7 a week so 16, as 15 will leave you short, that refs coming in at over 2 a day from next Monday, EVERY DAY... This is a challenge and quite a big one, you will need goals and an action plan and a daily regime of social engag
So, just as I was thinking 'what am i doing' I get this in my messages... Commission from this sale: $5 Order ID: res_cr_1990_level_1 Date & Time: 08/13/201322:45:25 So thats plus my £1 for a referral $6 lol....or .03cents per hour, not bad, not bad at all lol.. So bring it on now.....the cash is a rollin in Take care MikeyB
Ok so a little fun now. So this morning I was watering my lawn and observing the leaves falling off my trees onto a perfectly manicured, pampered green rectangle and my mind wandered and pondered some mathematical problems. This is the brain i was born, blessed and cursed with, a cortex of neurons and synapses out of control, never stopping and driving me slowly insane. So I wondered to myself, if I laid out thread in a 12 inch grid, thats 30 cm to you youngons!, then would the distribution of
August 13, 2013
Maybe a slightly silly blog considering my last two heavies but I was just on one of my writing sites and I purchased some more of my business cards. They are lovely and you can now get them on green recycled hi quality paper. This company 'moo' do a lovely price and a lovely job, they gave me a code for 10% off. Crazy blog but some of you may want to be networking, wink wink.....a little WA card left on a train maybe.... Yours if y'all want to use it.... MikeyB
I want to bring to the table a new concept. I have thought about this for many years. I don't know if I necessarily have the answer but I would love a discussion. This runs on from yesterdays blog on "paradigm shifting and paralysis" not by design but it must be my thought flow this week. I have a term for what we do, what we do when we are alone, when we are frustrated and down but we know better and it perplexes me. Point 1 King Sisyphus was a mean old king who is thought to be the founder of