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It's my wifes birthday today, Happy Birthday darlin' and a quick blog to remind you all to thank your spouses and/or your significant other for their support while you become increasingly addicted to WA. They listen to us 'tippety-tapping' during their movies, they end up making their own dinners and often sleep alone. Just hug them and say thank you. Thats all today.
September 09, 2013
This mornings blog comes from a frustration that I have had with many subjects and I see it pervading through WA. Now, the intent is good and noble and we all want to teach but as a relative 'newbie' I find myself lost in the guru-net quite often. When I learned the guitar a while back I took an an on line course with a book, I soon found myself following links to web sites, then buying new books, then 2 new guitars and speakers. Soon I wondered if I wasn't getting it all. I am a sucker for kno
September 08, 2013
Well it seems that a WA meet/social seems like a good idea and I have received about 30 - 35 interested souls so far. It seems like London is the place requested, How does this sound for the northern folk? Maybe over a Fri and Sat Night. I am thinking Feb or March 2014, get christmas behind us and give us something to look forward to in the New Year. If anyone is interested in planning then can they please PM me so we can form a small planning committee. I think I will make a small site with
September 06, 2013
RIGHT!!! Today I have something special for you all. Out of the blue but well worth the diversion. Time to take a break from blogs and studying clicks and SEOs and google. Here's what I want you to do. GO TO Get this video up but don't play it. Now go to Put the video of Jorge Quintero in a separate tab. Start the Awesome people video but MUTE IT and play it alongside 'A thousand revelations' by Quint
September 05, 2013
So today is 5th September, almost 2 months in and where am I. I think this will be helpful to newbies. I have trained myself stupid in here to the point of overload, I now need to stop and let my sponge absorb. I have focused on the WA site, learning, reaching out and helping and to be honest I have not paid too much attention to traffic generation to my site. The lure of blogs and meeting people has definitely taken priority, whether this is a good or bad thing I don't really know but today br
September 04, 2013
Hey guys, Lets support RyanEmms123, he is 16 and blogging away, not getting any comments.....
I wasn't intending to write a blog today as I had nothing in particular to offer but in starting a new book today a thought crossed my mind which is applicable here as it is to me every day. There are two concepts that I would like to share with you that may aid you in preparing better articles, blogs and content. Oftentimes we write away with our thoughts because we want to get an idea or two down maybe to share, maybe to get something off our chests or maybe just to improve our ranking. All
September 02, 2013
Hello all you lovely WArriors, its a lovely blue sunny morning in ol' blighty and I wanted to mention something to you all. I wanted to paraphrase something in an old book of mine that is as pertinent today as it was back in 1960. As you know I am a bit of a goal nut and it's purely because they work and they are misunderstood, I think when goals are written down and truly thought about then something very fascinating happens within our subconscious and potentially the universe . When Rhonda
September 01, 2013
EXCITING I spoke with Kyle the other day about setting up a WA meeting for us UK WArriors. I think the UK members would benefit from a get together to share stories, successes and heartaches. Early early stages yet but is this something that the UK members would want, we could form a guiding group and plan a meet somewhere that is central to us all, maybe early in 2014. Even if its a little meeting in the room of a pub, just a hello and how ya doing. Maybe bring a non-WA and build your referral
It seems to me that most people read blogs that discuss how much money one has made, obvious and natural because thats why we are here. I want to do four things in this short blog, tell a little story, debunk a myth or two, have you watch a 9 minute and 57 second movie and recommend some training. In 1993 I graduated from the university of Colorado Dental school and in 1994 graduated from the University of Michigan. I had worked my butt off for 10 years to be the best dentist I could be, I stud