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I Am Glad I Have Stuck With When I started WA, I was clueless about many things dealing with building a Website including buying Domains. More than 10 years of Scams, and still clueless. Again WA was a Lifesaver. I did not think anything about going to NameCheap to buy a Domain. Kyle recommended it, so I did it. Now that I am not quite as Green in this Website building world, I am very happy that I have not veered away from I have bought 5 Domains from NameCheap wit
I see Testimonials here and there about WA, but I would love to hear Testimonials from those that Follow me and I them. Any Testimonials about WA that I am gifted with, My Friends and Followers are welcomed to use the Testimonials for their benefit as well. I spent many years looking for a Good way to make money online. Unfortunately, all that I found were ways to lose money or make a little, but then lose as much as I gained. Then one day I do not remember exactly why, I was at a Website for
Importance Of My Taking Notes, Saving Things, And Helping Others Here On WA I knew when I started WA, there was going to be a lot of information to take in, or as some might say an Overwhelming amount of Information. Due to memory problems from an accident many years ago plus just getting old, I am slow remembering many things. I never know what I will remember quick or what just does not want to stick. So From the start, I have written many notes plus I have a folder on my DeskTop marked Spe
Justify Is A Very Useful Tool In Wordpress When I first started using Wordpress, I got very aggravated over and over about changes I would make in WordPress, but the changes not stick when I Publish, Update, or when I would visit my Website! Then I finally found a Life Saver! JUSTIFY Kyle Mentions Justify in 1 Of His Lessons/Videos, but I let it slip my Mind, and I did not realize how valuable it was until I had problems I did not expect! If you click on the Tiny Looking Keyboard Icon Next to
Making Stubborn HTML Links open in their own New Place/Tab I have been annoyed when I would get a nice HTML Banner Link or other HTML Link that I liked, but when I put it on my website, it not open in its own new place/tab like I prefer. I tried to find answers on ways to fix that issue, but found many different answers. Most of them complicated and/or did not work. Finally, I found a Technique that worked the best and easiest for me. Now, for the sake of my Memory, and hopefully help others wi
When I heard Kyle say Jay was Not having Good Days, I felt bad for Jay because I know he works hard every day! The work Jay must do to Provide Live Training just about every week. I just want to say Jay is in my family's Prayers! I will be so happy when I hear all of Jay's bad days are over! I wish the best for everyone, and hope Jay is in their prayers! With Best Wishes And Prayers For Everyone! Thanks For Reading, Michael
I find myself going through Lessons again try to see anything I missed or failed to stick in this Poor Memory of mine. Then when doing Feedback, I see so many new Websites without a Post to show on opening of Website which leaves opening Page of Website Empty. Sure many people get the first 3 Pages Kyle mentions and shows About Me, Privacy Policy, etc. and most do this fine. Then they build some more Pages. Then I see questions "why is there nothing on my Website?", or they have their website f
I try to look at as many Websites as I can to give Feedback, and if I do not find any other obvious things to mention in Feedback, but still notice dull backgrounds etc., I will mention that it might be nice to add color or Image to site. Even if only add some color or Image to background to give more life so to speak to site, just to make it Livelier. In many cases, I may mention about the same thing (usually about Color or Image) + a couple of other things on many sites, but I never Copy an
I know some options vary per Theme, but I just wanted a reminder of the Options my Theme has plus maybe help others see where to Look for the options their Theme has to offer as far as changing Website Title, Taglines, Background Color/Image, etc First I Click on Dashboard in Top of left WordPress Toolbar. Then I Click "Customize Your Site". You can also Hover over Appearance in WordPress Left toolbar and click on "Customize" to get to this Location. I mention this other path because sometimes
I guess I am still trying to figure out why when I go to so many Websites that want feedback, I find many of them with Affiliate Links that do not open in New Window/Tab. I guess I question this because Kyle mentions or advises that we have our Links open in New Window in Some say they do not know how when all it takes is check the little box right below Ti