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February 06, 2016
So important and so difficult to do !Not sure about you but to me the internet and even WA are so full of interesting shiny objects ! I really want to learn everything there is to know, but I want to move forward with my website, get this weeks post written, start on my 2nd website and get my Aweber filled up with prospects and a decent email series to welcome them ! I can't even pretend I have this all balanced properly as many of these projects and goals get moved to tomorrow (over and over).
February 05, 2016
Hi , I'm finishing up course two of get started and on lesson 8 in bootcamp. I've not yet started building my WA affiliate site, but have got my first niche site up and running.http://stresscortisol.comI've enjoyed the learning and getting my 1st site built. I'm tryong to post weekly on my site . It's rough getting started writing, but flows pretty well once I'm moving.I think momentum is key and once I'm moving it is easier to keep going ! if you have a chance to look at my site please let me
January 16, 2016
Hi Nicole (also my daughters name) ! Honored and glad to have you for my 200th follower ! I am greatly enjoying getting to know all my New WA friends ! This is a very diverse and interesting group of people on here and I really enjoy all the different ages, places you all come from and variety of interests and opinions. I'd much rather learn about places from people who live there than google.I'm not the generation who grew up with this technology ( we had a rotary dial phone at my parents hous
Hello and Happy New Year !I look forward to having this next year to get to know all my new friends at WA. I took an intense 8-10 month journey getting here and like many of us got scammed more than once. I'm thrilled and grateful to find this new online home and plan to stay while all my goals are achieved and after.Looking forward to the next year with all of you !Best Regards !Mike Long