Too Many Business Ideas? I've Been Doing This, What About You.

Last Update: April 29, 2021

Howdy Wealthy Affiliate Warriors,

How is everyone doing?

Today is blessed because I am able to write this blog post and I cherish all the days I'm above ground. Do you feel the same?

Share your thoughts.

Do you find yourself with a ton of business ideas especially when you use Jaaxy? How about just watching TV or walking though your house?

You know...

My mind have been going like crazy for years and I continue to say, God I have so many ideas, Should I do them? You know I'm insane enough to try most of them that come to my head only to see them flop.

But I don't give up.

I can look in mirror and say at least I did it.

One of my old site that I stared some years ago was doing good and them Adsense drop me. There went my income. I got discouraged and left the site.

I made a few videos and that was that. I was building a list. Many of them unsubscribe and my heart sunk yesterday when I log into Aweber and saw 14 unsubscribe.

What Did I do?

I deleted them and kept on going.

After upgrading to Premium Plus (PP+), Kyle videos inspire me. I remembered my old site and went back to work on it. I got new insight and ideas how to Monitize it.

My writing style got better and I looked over a post I wrote a few years now and found so many errors I couldn't believe it.

I worked on the content added some images and updated it.

Now the page converts better and I am proud of it now. I am making videos like crazy all because of the inspiration from PP+.

Do you have old site you've neglected? It has some age on it so go back and take a look and see how you can improve it.

Now for the Ideas.

Searching Jaaxy is intoxicating. The more you search the more ideas keeps flooding your brain. Magistudios put me onto a secret search feature that I didn't know exist in Jaaxy.

I had to laugh when I saw it. You all have access to it!

The alpha soup method is insane. But I wouldn't fool myself without checking some result in Google instant search, Google Planner and even Trends for the root phrase.

Trying to build a lot of sites is not a good strategy but I find myself building sites.

What are you doing to prevent yourself from going into more directions that you should?

Please share.

Some times I feel like the yellow GUY in the chair with the Storm Troopers.

My goal really is to get them ranked and see if I can sell them. Do you think that's a good strategy?

Do you plan to sell any of your sites in the future?

In the scheme of things, our minds are filled with stuff that drive us. It's what we do with it that matters.

Have a good day,

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MirandaTee Premium
More and more failure.....
there is a success!
ChigsGohel Premium Plus
Keep up with the great work, Mike 😊👍🏼
BrightSales Premium
I have lots of ideas friend. The ones that I considered golden nuggets are put into a special binder. Those will be in my focus. The others are not given that much attention, but will be as soon a I put one of the golden nugget ideas to work and establish my base. Doing it alone will take time, but at least I will know the ins and outs of it.
As for your goals, I think you are on the right path. If you can get exposure to your creations, then the chances to sell them will be greater. Try every traffic means necessary. All the best!
MikeKurtis Premium Plus
Thank you for your sharing and the compliments.
FKelso Premium Plus
There are lots of ideas floating around. Implementing them is the trick. Some just stay as ideas; others we follow through with and turn into something more permanent. It's good to write down your goals for your you want it to end up...that can keep you from trying too many new things at once.
Brongsugah Premium
Great read Mike! Motivation and hard work. Cheers!

MikeKurtis Premium Plus
Thank you Maria.