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How is everyone doing today? I hope you are all in good spirits and taking care of your families. My post today is just to ask a question and I would love to get your feeback on it.I made a kind of negative review or what I called horrible training for big money and I was so shocked at how little you got for so much if I didn't know better. New people fall for upsells all the time and most of the time its just more money in the sellers pocket.Over at I made a video review, Infact,
March 30, 2020
I am just rolling along and doing what is required to have a successful site. I know many of you have gone though this already and probably post your accomplishments. It is my time to do it and so I am posting it. LOL!Thanks for taking the time to read this.Mike
Hello WA family,Today I am just reporting what I have been up to and to make the world know that my WA money is going to good use!At first, I use to think about my monthly payment but I stopped and just start focusing on my business. My success is not a huge deal as I want to but its taking its time and my lord its a roller coaster.Some days i feel like pulling my hair out and some I just smile.All the years of struggle is paying off. No matter how small it be, I am still greatful.How am I mak
February 27, 2020
I feel like a kind in candy store. Hello my WA family ❣️. I've been away busy working on my business and it's been some ride. I feel anxious, nurvous, happy, mad all at the same time. This journey is filled with ups and downs but when we push through the struggles and hard ache winning is our reward.What I've been up to? my clickbank sales. I know they are not much but it's going.
So before I got back to WA, I was doing a bunch of affiliate marketing type stuff. I was into clickbank, still am, MLM - got sucked into it, Amazon, Adsense and so on.After a few months, I ran into a program called MCA. They were paying out $80 per new membership and people were posting videos showing hugh weekly paychecks.Does any of you know about Motor Club of America? On the surface it, seems like easy money. The goal was to get people to sign up for their towing service and others service
Need some Gladiator Super Powers to catch the culprit that stole or planning to steal your content, images, your hard work and most importantly your income from your website?Let me include you all in a sneaky but powerful WordPress trick to protect your site from copycats forever! Hello to my WA family. I know you are all hard at work but if you can find the time to read this important post that affects all of us that use WordPressI don't often post but this blog post is one that I believe eve
Hello WA family,This should have been posted a couple of days ago but it is better to be late than never. I have an announcemet to make.A few days ago, through my advertising efforts, I got 13 people to check us out for 7 days. If you're not busy on your own business, please reach out and give them a big WA welcome.Let them feel at home and hopfully become a premium member for our value, community, support, and training we have at our disposal.Wealthy Affiliate is truly an amazine place.Kyle ju
January 03, 2020
A man of many talents and can do it all may find success but it's not the case for everyone. Ive been at this for some time . I believe since 2005 I started doing this with wins and fails more then I can imagine.But with all the failures and $1000's spend in ad cost and articles and domains websites I count it as a blessing because without those fails I wouldn't be where I am today.I have read countless blogs, subscribes to many I mean many online marketers just to see what they are doing. How
January 02, 2020
Ive successfully installed and build my website on the siterubix platform. Its a long time coming and one that should have been done a long time ago.It is bare bones but its a work in progress. Also, I don't know why the heck im still up at 5am in the morning. I must be crazy!! LOL.Its just pure determination to succeed because I have a lot at stake.My site lives here
I am not a quitter but each time I get knock down it gets harder and harder to get up.Recently I found a wining product on Amazon. I was thrilled and was getting ready to scale up and create a better website for this product.I Happened to visit my daughter house and tried to access mywebsite. I could not get access. I was in shock because this is the second time my websites were getting screwed. Shared hosting sock and I don't recommend anyone to get first hosting account I closed with ma