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Yes! I took the plunge and I looking forward to my upgrade. There is no looking back for me. This is a challege to myself and to prove what I am made of. I either win or keep fighting until I reach the finish line. It's like running a marthon. You running and its going to take long. If you don't stop, you'll eventurally cross the finish line.Have a bless night WA family,Michael
Hello Wa family.Short post today. If you haven't heard already, Google has set some creteria for product reviews. Another update affecting our affiliates business not in a bad way but to make us even better.I know we have excellent training here and Kyle may talk about it later but I just wanted to past this on.If you're operating a product review website, you want to check out this article posted by Google in their developers site.Check out the article here.Have a good day everyone.Mike
Howdy folksJust a quick blog post. I don't normally use Medium, not the physic or peering through a crystal ball for answers, but the publishing platform for writers.I recently posted an article there. I don't know how it will do as this is my second time using it.Are you using it?Let me know what you think about the article. I am tying to get in the habit of writing frequently because God knows I hate it with a passion but its growing on me now.I am starting to like it. 😁😁€
Howdy folks,So I've been watching my rankings in Google for one of my sites. It hasn't made me much money maybe threes sales since its build. Most of the time was spent adding articles which i outsourced out. I found an excellent writer and had all the articles added over months.Everything was going good. My ranking was climbing in Google and the other day I noticed it began to fall.I was like...what the heck is going on.Can you see that? Right now I am puzzled. I had a plugin that kept redirec
Howdy folks,Today I just wanted to make a quick post about a website I made just 6 days ago and its already ranking!Does that really happened? Is it possible? Heck yeah it is.Here's the deal though.You have to be in a competitive market, a niche that you can gain an entrance and a few keywords, low hanging fruit, to get lucky.I wouldn't is luck but I know what to do due to the training here and what I've learned over the years. I would love to show the niche and site but I can't. How do I know
Hello folks, Peace and love to my Wealthy Affiliate members. I made a post a few days ago about my amazon sale and that I would post the commission amount.Today I get to tell you how much I made on a 2400 sale from Amazon.I made a $75. If they didn't drastically cut their commission structure, I would have made more.Nevertheless, I am great full.Thank you all for your encourangements for the sale and for my battlte with Covid.I am well now but my mom is now sick from Covid-19. I am a bit worrie
Hi all and how is everyone doing.I am home since last week dealing with Covid19. I came out positive last week and have to isolate from the rest of my family. My mom lives with me, one daughter out of three and my wife. It has not been easy folks. I did everything right and I still got it. I thank God that I can write a post because a lot of people cannot.The Success PartI took a glance into my Amazon associate account a few days ago and I was blessed with a sale from one of my amazon sites.Its
June 18, 2020
WA family,Please let's give Lorin38 a warm welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate family are all here for you and to help you succeedFollow the progress.
So I just logged into WA and I was greeted with a badge and congratulations of accomplimenents. It said I cracked the 200 rank mark. I was like WOW! That's totally awesome and I was to share it or not. I chose to share it!
The snail gives us the perfect example of how to succeed. It's not a 100 yard Tash that builds highly successful company.Slow and steady wins.Another milestone crossed and I am going forward.