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Last Update: Mar 9, 2020

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Hello WA family,

Today I am just reporting what I have been up to and to make the world know that my WA money is going to good use!

At first, I use to think about my monthly payment but I stopped and just start focusing on my business. My success is not a huge deal as I want to but its taking its time and my lord its a roller coaster.

Some days i feel like pulling my hair out and some I just smile.

All the years of struggle is paying off. No matter how small it be, I am still greatful.

How am I making sales?

This is all PPC. I am running ads on Bing and Yahoo and Google.

Ive spent a good junk of change to get where I am. Most of the time I lose money but I take those losses at education money.

Belive me when I look into my bing history, I can't belive the numbes i see there in losses. I mean spending and not making much sale.

The last time i run some Ads to WA I got about 20 poeple that signed up for an account but that's all they did.


I lost money. But in that, I got some good lesson for it.

The next time I launced it again its going to be profitable.

Should You Give up or Ask for you money back?

It depends but if you stick it out and watch the videos and ask your mentor questions and do as much as been taught here you'll end up better off in a few months. Even if just the knowledge.

Everyday is not a home run. There are days, as you can see I didn't make a dime. I am constantly messing with the campaign which is not good but I do it to see what happens and then revert when this don't work right.

I've build about 10 sites already and all for PPC. One is already ranking in Yahoo and Bing for keywords I wasn't even targeting. But because of the training here, it worked.

In closing,

Take your time and do the work. This is not a get rich quick scheme as you may have already noticed. Pay per click is faster when you know what to do and SEO is ever better.

With ppc, you tend to find nuggets of keywords that people are not targeting. You can then build a site around that becasue there is traffic there. Its not like a tool is telling you something. You are actually getting data that people are using.

Stay stong WA and continue to help each other.

My rank is suffering!

Who needs help?

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Thank you for the honest feedback.


I wouldn't spend any money on bing or yahoo. Everybody uses google. Damned Windows 10 keeps trying to make bing my default search engine.

Why drive a Subaru when you already have a Cadillac.

They got me going so I can't drop them.

A Subaru might be less costly to maintain--just spitballin!

But my love is bigger than a Honda
Yeah, it's bigger than a Subaru
Hey man there's only one thing
And one car that will do
Anyway we don't have to drive it
Honey we can park it out in back
And have a party in your pink Cadillac
Crushed velvet seats
Riding in the back
Oozing down the street
Waving to the girls
Feeling out of sight
Spending all my money on a Saturday night
Honey I just wonder what you do there in the back
Of your pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac
Pink Cadillac

Point taken! You got me!🙄

Hi Mike. he best to you.

Thanks Carson2

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