Fight On Even When You've Done Your Best

Last Update: Dec 9, 2019

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I am not a quitter but each time I get knock down it gets harder and harder to get up.

Recently I found a wining product on Amazon. I was thrilled and was getting ready to scale up and create a better website for this product.

I Happened to visit my daughter house and tried to access mywebsite. I could not get access. I was in shock because this is the second time my websites were getting screwed. Shared hosting sock and I don't recommend anyone to get it.

my first hosting account I closed with many websites because I got hacked. The hosting company says it's my responsibility to have security. This was news to me but now I know.

Trust me that secure lock don't stop the hackers. I felt like giving up then and for real I almost did. Years of work went down the drain. Domains lost and bought by Chinese..

To this day I look at my video for one of the site and almost cried because it was a dream of mine and it got killed off my wicked mean people.

Today am facing the similar thing. All my sites over at HostGator are in Jeopardy. They claim that I'm using up too much enodes.

Now these sites have many oages. So shared hosting is not suggested if you plan to grow your site. It truly sucks!

I decided to hire a Fiverr guy to fix the issue. He said it's done but now HostGator is saying it's not done. Or I need to delete the files. I feel sick of all this and I feel helplessness.

I feel to close that account and stick with WA and another account I started over at namecheap to continue my Amazon site. I will do that because the product is a winner.

I also started a Shopify store. One is live and there other I'm doing based on a video I watched a few days ago.

Truly, that video was more clear than all the videos I watch about building Shopify stores. The store I build is in the watch niche. I plan to document this store here daily.

I won't give up. I also have Http:// which is a kind of general store to test products. I am tired! Sometimes I don't feel like going on with this IM or affiliate marketing thing.

But I've been trying to make this work for some time. Each time I get close something always happens to kick me back six step back where I just clawed my way from.

I wont give up!

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You are right my friend. Many times I feel the same way. Too much work and no rewards. But when you fall down, don’t stay down, get up and keep on fighting back. Some time we spread our minds into more directions than we can handle. And end up not giving enough attention to any. So concentrate on the more important ones.

Hello Mike,
Don't give up, you may be closer than you think to breakthrough.
Life is all about how we rise up again after a setback.
Most of the time things are only a temporary problem.
All the best and have a great week.
Darren :)

Thanks very much. You have a good week as well.

I have fallen, be knocked down and felt like a 'whack-a-mole'. You're in good company. One thing I've learned is that the harder I fall, the higher I bounce! Hang in there. It will come together!!! Christine

As long as you don't, Michael, you will ultimately succeed!


Hey Mike,
I believe in the theory of reciprocity. The theory is that for every bad thing a good thing happens and vice versa. Think back when all the bad things were happening and find some good things. Works for me and hopefully for you too.

I believe too and with all the bad things I have learned something from them. But its tough when you put so much work into your sites only to have them hacked by wicked people.

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