Does Your Amazon Associate Account Look Like This?

Last Update: May 07, 2021

Hello folks,

Greetings to all my WA Warriors!

Today I bought some doge and decided to check into my Amazon associate account. Yet again another sale.

WOHOO! Baby.

I'll take that to the bank any day.

Sites to me are digital assets. How do you see your website?

Keep pushing folks even when your amazon income or what ever you're promoting shows zero $$ for months you're told to drop it, your affiliate marketing business, and do something else.


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lesabre Premium
Congratulations Mike and continued success.

Best wishes,
BrightSales Premium
Stop showing off friend! Just kidding. Lol! You're doing great. Results like these will encourage others to keep going. This shows that affiliate marketing works. You just have to use the right strategies. All the best!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Nice job, Mike! Eventually mine will be too, but I am still building the products which they will promote!

MikeKurtis Premium Plus
Building? Are you going to sell some on Amazon instead of promoting?
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I write books that are on Amazon, Mike! The primary reason I came here was for the excellent hosting, Site Support, and the ability to promote my businesses, one of which are my books!

Everything else is gravy!

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Well done and thanks
helenwentri2 Premium
Nice one Mike, keep it up.