I Am A SCAM Artist!!!

Last Update: Sep 4, 2013


Be careful don't read any of this!!! It might not be good for your health..........

The warning still stands! If you can't stand the type of person I am going to describe here......

If your strong sense of justice is matched by steely nerves the go ahead , I salute you !!!

Well of course I'm not! I despise the whole category but I have studied them enough to be able to recognize them.

If you will read a lot of Books You might have come across with the impersonation of the "brilliant " criminal mind or the deceiver.

It can be funny and entertaining to read about a character that is funny and charming but at the same time devious and slippery as a snake and is able to fool a whole village by selling a worthless product that will make all the villagers forever young , or immune to any illness.

It's usually a bad tasting miracle liquid.

The story usually ends with an angry mob chasing the distinguished gentleman in an elegant suit* and the vest of a Saviour , all the way to the next county , or district as far as they can follow him.

( *that is not so elegant after the dust and being torn in the branches and the bushes)

Of course he has an escape plan , and he will get into a rowing boat that is placed on the other side of the village on the shore , escaping safely rowing on a lake or a river . And he will get as far as he can and fool the next village or town before the rumors will spread there.

The time is different now the scammers are better equipped , and they are not selling bad tasting potions any longer.

So what are they selling now ??

Well the answer is......

= Thin air !!!

Are you crazy???

( You will say then) , surely you can't expect a civilized modern individual that is using the internet , traveling around the world and reading comic books , to fall into paying for the same air which his breathing each day?

The answer is No of course and Yes at the same time.

We live in very busy times , sometimes we are so busy to progress , to work hard and to move forward in other words sometimes there is no time to think.

Wrap a nice and inviting large package around an empty space and describe the amazing content that lies in there and the imagination will soon take over and you would pay whatever it takes just to have your curiosity satisfied. Just to get to know what's inside of the box.

The modern scam artist.

Ah here he pops up again like a dragon whit many hundred heads You have just the time to cut one off and another one pops up.

Wait... You said that they all looked and sounded like distinguished gentlemen...

Sometimes they do and they can be polite and know how to flatter you into buying all their products.

Sometimes they are just rude and have no sense of style of fashion whatsoever and you might still believe them why is that??

Because he seemed genuinely too imperfect,

To be false , well maybe that is the case he just was a genuine bad person promoting a bad product as a great one.

The Devils sales speech

At other times, I have to admit they are pretty good .

I don't support what they do , I don't admire it.

But having been unfortunate to watch a few sales videos on a fake product.

I must still admit that some of this "gentlemen" have actually studied their homework

And they are really working hard to use all our weaknesses to their advantage to convince us to buy from them.

The weak spot list they are using.

They are constantly trying to use any weakness or moment of weakness you might have to persuade you to buy )

1. Low self esteem

This is one of the buttons they are pushing on a regular basis .

By using examples like

Here is : Jason he is very smart , handsome and successful and he has decided to buy all our products for 5000 €.

Here is : Mike he is a whiner and he has not bought anything from us .

Which type are you?? BUY NOW push the magical shiny golden instant miracle button , immediately! And get in the cool super rich club , and get ready to jet-set every day and drink champagne for breakfast.

And make money while you are relaxing on the beach and drinking cocktails.


They target people whit little or no knowledge at all about online marketing.

And they resell outdated or black hat tactics that will only get them in trouble with all the search engines .

They promise far more that they could ever deliver.


This is maybe the favorite button to any scammer , Buy now and you will get a 50 % discount.

Buy now and you will be rich in one week!

Buy now and you will never have to wait for anything ever again in your life, as you will get a bonus secret time controller, disapproved by all the plane and bus companies!

Buy now and you will never have to work in your life!

3. Sympathy

I have even seen a few videos where they target those who have been scammed already by using an actor that is stating : I'mjust like you , I have been working hard all my life just to be scammed from all my money. I'm so mad at them , I can't stand them I feel so enraged , bla bla bla...

4. Ego

( It's not bad to have one as long its not controlling you)

You will get to the top of the world with us.

Here is a shortcut to become a leader , you will be admired , loved by everyone.

We will build a statue portraying you that is higher than the freedom statue.

5. Shiny object syndrome.

This is the part where you a get a sales video a nudge to "get all in "

And the speaker is talking from a fancy mansion , is driving an expensive car is aboard a yacht or inside a 5 star hotel room.

And the display of fancy sport cars, boats , mansions and so on is endless...

If you work on yourself are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and increase your knowledge about the online business and human psychology , are willing to work hard to achieve your dreams you will never fall for it of course.

But beware because the forces of darkness are out there and they are cunning and constantly looking for new ways and tricks to fool you, so never let the guard down.

Be wise , be strong and may the force be with you!!!

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Very interesting you seem to have summed up the psychology of the scam very well.

Thank you for commenting , yes it is something I'm working toward each day to be able to understand better and better to help people to avoid them!

Just be ready to pick up the pieces when the disillusionment arrives! I bet you can get them in like Kyle does with the "scam" stuff targeted right at them! :)

Yeah will do both pick up those who have fallen already and prevent others to fall in these vile schemes !
Thanks for the tip and for the feedback :)

"Scam stuff targeted right at them"? What's that then?

I think most of us fell for a scam or two before finding WA. These guys are masters of self promotion if nothing else.

Yeah I almost fell for a few myself and joined here through a link I found in a scam review.
what about the term "Scam-Slayer" would be a good expertise that would benefit a lot of people.

Hey Mike, you covered all the basis with respect to the profiles that scammers tend to target. I like how you did that. And like you alluded to, these scammers know how to push the right buttons based on those profiles.

Nice job!
Best Regards,

Thanks for commenting!
The more I know about how these scammers operate the more I will able to target the same group of people they do with the intent to offer them a real opportunity :)

Best Regards,

The problem is there are a lot of people out there for them to target. More so then not. Thanks!!!

Yes I agree, I am considering to develop a method to target those people as they do but with the opposite intent what do you think about it? Could be a good way to help people and profitable as well.

You are very welcome!!!

It is something you could do yeah. You would have a uphill climb because a lot of the people that those scam artists target are the "fix me don't change me" type of people. They want the $100,000 a year sitting at their computer. (Sounds like what we are building for ourselves) but without the work.

Very interesting

Thanks for commenting glad you like it!

Hi Mike. I really like how you wrote this piece. I was very interested the whole time I was reading it.

I love this too:
"If you work on yourself are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and increase your knowledge about the online business and human psychology , are willing to work hard to achieve your dreams you will never fall for it of course."

Thanks for sharing your work. :)

Hi Jenna.
I'm glad you appreciate it, I have also corrected the punctuation and grammar with I struggle with sometimes since English is not my number one language.
That part should be ok too now..
You are welcome I will keep sharing more :)

Could be great were it not for the grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. None of us are perfect though, overall, good article.

Ok great thanks for the feedback I will try to correct that ! :)

Very good. The title makes you want to click and read what you have to say. I like the writing style with short easy to read paragraphs. Good content. I have fallen for these scam artists and still have occasionally. Keep up the good work.

Yes it a click bait title lol
Glad you enjoyed reading it! Keep coming for more :)
Well they never give up don't they . Im going to make a whole site on that subject soon..

This should have been an article so the WORLD could read it!1

Thank you for commenting! I will work on a improved version of this and post it one then in the near future, for now Im appreciating all feedback :)

You can post this with your affiliate link outside of here. You can see more about how to do that here:


Best Regards,

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