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Last Update: Jun 27, 2018

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I've had a couple of "End of the world " type brick walls since coming to Wealthy Affiliate!

Both times Site Support fixed them before my coffee got cold !

What seemed to me to be catastrophic malfunctions only remedied by Jedi Mind tricks was a simple walk in the park for Site Support. I appreciate that , and it is a testament to the value here at Wealthy Affiliate !

Imagine being completely green and trying to figure some of these issues out on your own! These are the types of things that cause people to give up ! So I wanted to take a minute to give a big,fat Kudos to Site Support, Kyle,Carson Jay, Loes, and all the others who are so very helpful along this journey!

Upgrading to the premium membership was one of the best, simplest and inexpensive business decisions I've ever made! Heck one Coke a day is more expensive than the cost of this awesome platform ! Short of an EMP ,I'll be here from now on !

Have a wonderfully fantubulous day and as always , Keep on keeping on !


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I completly agree Mike, I've felt the same way dealing with the couple disaters I ran into trying to insert Google code onto my site and have it verified. Site Support helped me before the panic could fully set in.

I have not been there yet, knock on wood, but it is a comfort to know that they are there when you need them.


Wealthy Affiliate truly is something special :)

Hopefully, you'll never run into a problem too big or difficult! Even then, they'd probably still come to the rescue XD

Yeah I like that. Members I love them but S.S. can't beat'em!

I agree Mike!


It's getting better!

Great site support team indeed, and thanks, always my pleasure

Thats right site support is an amazing tool. Something we can turn to when we need tech help..good post..thanks

Yup site support works pretty fast and is responsive.

Awesome point and post! I agree 100%. That you for sharing your thoughts. Enjoy your day mike

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