A Newbie and getting Traffic

Last Update: May 19, 2021

OK so I'm pretty new here and I don't know if this will be frowned upon or get the thumbs up but here goes.

Blogs - E book - Give away - How?

Conclusion first for those who don't want to read too much.

I have written quite a few blogs and I wanted some more traffic so I created an e book with 5 of my blogs. I then found all sorts of groups on Facebook that might be interested in a free e book. So I posted on those groups "heres a free e book about .......," first problem, on a lot of these groups you cannot post a link. So I created a Gmail account with a name that related to my e book title. My post said drop me line on my email for a free e book. I don't want to be manually sending out e books, so I created an out of office reply/autoresponder and this had the link for the e book and it was automatically sent out.

I'm sure that this is not original but hey it worked.

A Bit more Detail

It took a bit of time but that was OK. The content was already written so I only had to create a front page and a contents page, then copy and paste. Then just check the pages to make sure everything looks good and add a few links back to my site.

I created everything on Word but it can be done all sorts of ways. Canva is a free e book template site and it can be even done on Google docs, you just have to change the link but you can google that as well.

The Gmail account was a 5-minute job and the out of office/autoresponder is a long way down but its there.

Facebook groups are easy enough I stayed away from the private groups but even some of the public groups took a couple of days to join. Think what Kyle has mentioned about low hanging fruit and the numbers in these groups.


It was a nice little experiment but where to next. As a newbie and because I have time there are all sorts of places I could try this. If I'm looking for free traffic apart from the social media sites how about all the Free On-line Advertising sites.

Places like;






I haven't looked at these yet but there's probably a lot more out there as well.

Next Next

Collecting Email addresses. So, I was initially after traffic and this was great. But if "the Money is in the list" as we hear so often what about a landing page first for people to opt in and give me there email address and then they get the e book.

Watch this space!!

Don't burst my bubble too much by telling me that this has been done a million times before but I'm sure there are tweaks or other ways of doing the same thing. The content of the e book was good so I think there is value in what I was giving away so I was happy about doing it.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Natsea Premium
Great thinking. Well done.
Jocelyn30 Premium
Impressive Mike!

It goes like if there's a will there's a way:)

Nice meeting you here and thank you for including me to your network.

Wishing you all success in your new journey.

MikeBootb Premium
Thank you for your comments Joce.
I wish you all the best and I hope you achieve everything you are after.
Kind regards
Jocelyn30 Premium
You are welcome Mike!
DivineGood Premium
Wow! There is a lot of information here.
I believe that once you distribute your
e books, more of our WA family would
want to have a copy or two.
I know I do. :-)

Thank you for sharing this message.

Be well and be blessed.