Support @ WA- Providing Real Value Has a Domino Effect

Last Update: February 09, 2020

So I just stumbled across a comment between two people that I have referred to WA.

I have messaged them both regularly and they've both started an online business thanks to the help of WA.

I feel like I knew them pretty well and they both have really amazing reasons as to why they are here... but there was one thing I didn't realise...

They knew each other (in the real world!)

It made me think of L.D. Sewells post that I read the other day...

When you look after people that you help to find an amazing community and training like WA they will speak to other people about it.

People share things they love with others, it's human nature!

If you genuinely help them and make sure they can get set up smoothly you never know, but they may even share the work that helped them decide it was for them. Focus on helping the people in front of you rather than always looking for the next shiny object or next thing or person to sell to.

Wealthy Affiliate really is a community of people helping people and paying it forward.

Who have you helped today?

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AllanDeBlase Premium
Great advice Mike!

God gives freely to those who share freely.

Ramco Premium
I'm proud to say like you boatloads of people! !! ;
mikebeatty Premium
Amazing Rami!
FKelso Premium
You are right. This community is remarkable -- I have never seen another like it.
mikebeatty Premium
100% Fran!
Mick18 Premium
Very true, WA community is simply the best.
Have a wonderful week,
mikebeatty Premium
You too Mickey
EHozubin Premium
Very Good Mike.
mikebeatty Premium
Thanks Edward