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I remember setting out for my goal in 2019 to get 100 users in a day from Google alone to my site.Why 100?It's a nice numberIt's a number I've heard from different people that say don't even worry about monetisation, sales pages or any other fancy things until you reach thisBut by September I also remember thinking..."Am I just an idiot? Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I'm not cut out for this?"Here's what my traffic looked like from Google in Septmeber...7 users a day!Seriously I only have 4
You may have heard that Black Friday has started at Wealthy Affiliate. You may already know there is so much to be gained from joining the platform for a whole year. However, there are some people who should avoid joining WA on Black Friday. This blog post will show you exactly who should avoid Black Friday here and explain my WA journey. My Wealthy Affiliate StoryIt was the start of another school year in sunny Qatar.I can't explain exactly what was different this year (September 2018) but som
Yep... that's from a BRAND NEW blog!This blog post is only going to be quick (because it's past my bed time and I'm going to Oman tomorrow and I still haven't packed! Sarah may actually kill me... "you're one job today is to make sure you get packed..." you get the point)Sorry I went on a bit of a tangent there...Yep our brand spanking new website published its first article on October 26th. By 12th November it's consistently getting 50 pageviews a day and it almost broke 200... after 17 days o
November 03, 2019
You probably have heard that SEO is dead. There are many articles claiming this and I just read one.You know with the algorithm changes... the websites monopolising certain niches... backlinks not being what they once were... it's all just becoming too hard for new websites.Funny enough, there is one way you can learn exactly how to get free traffic to your website every month using SEO (spoiler alert... you're on the website right now)SEO Proof...I started a website in possibly one of the most
Chances are you probably listen to podcasts... if not you've definately heard of them!But did you know that podcasts can actually be used to get traffic to your website? And you don't even need to do anything super special!Why I Started a PodcastSo I always wanted to start a podcast, and it was a big reason I wanted to learn more about online marketing. I keep learning stuff and I'd love a way to share the lessons with people (especially close friends and family... without preaching and leaving
It's finally happened amigo's!I have finally helped someone else change their life for the better. Here's the truth... the main reason why I want to learn how this whole online marketing thing works is to help more people live life on their own terms. I know that sounds fluffy and soppy... so...The Truth About MeThe thing is I'm confident enough in my own life that I will always be OK. I have been teaching internationally for the past 4 years and in this time have started a property portfolio i
Just a quick one today. I learnt a lot recently by studying hundreds of bloggers income reports (I whittled it down to 57 for this study)There were so many useful findings that I figured I needed to share this, so I created an infographic for it...The biggest finding was how new blogs make money in different ways in different niches. Affiliate marketing certainly features in every niche, which can't really be said about the other 3 main ways of monetising (ads, own courses, other- including fre
I've got to be honest...For a long time I though the answer to this was no.After starting my site in September 2018, I still found that I was getting less than 50 clicks to my website per month after 6 months of hard work. 6 months!?! I had been grafting at this for 6 months and I was still not really seeing any results that WA said I would. I heard about this "sandboxing" that Google does for around 6 months, but I was getting ranked already so surely it shouldn't matter right?Here's the truth
Hey hey!So I just logged in to see it's been a year as a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.To be totally honest with you I thought I would have seen more traction by now. But looking back over the last year it's pretty easy to see what's really happened. For the first 6 months I pretty much thought I could do better. So I kind of followed the training, but I mainly did whatever I felt like doing. In case you didn't know...That's a bad ideaI jumped in, read other "bloggers" tips and kind of ma
I've just been writing one of the emails in my email sequence and it's given me a massive kick up the bum!!Thought I'd share it with you all as hopefully it may do the same for you...________________I want you to meet Grace. She was a stay at home Mum in 2011 looking to make some pocket money for her family. One of the first things she tried was affiliate marketing... But she did it all on her own. Do you remember the end of yesterdays email? Yeah you can guess how worked out for her...She was