A Business Lightbulb. From Handstands?!?!

Last Update: March 02, 2020

I know that title is weird... but this actually goes somewhere...

I've been using the "pomodoro technique" (25 min work, 5 min rest) to improve productivity for a while now. And during my 5 mins "rest" I like to mix it up depending how I feel.

Sometimes just sitting in silence helps...

Apparently watching nature is the best way to relax your brain...

But sometimes I feel like I need to do something and move! (like press ups, sit ups, yoga etc.)

So I figured... why not finally learn what the 10 year old Mike used to practice for hours with his smelly sister secretly? We only did this when Mum wasn't watching because she'd get annoyed at us messing up her sofas...


So I gave them a go again.

This time about 6 weeks ago I nearly landed on my head and thought I was going to die when I was upside down!

I couldn't really kick up onto a wall as it felt too weird.

But with daily practice I quickly felt the improvement... I watched YouTube videos and got my alignment much better, I learnt how to kick up the right amount without overdoing it... I didn't arc like a banana anymore!

After 2 weeks I thought I was nearly there!

... 3 weeks later I felt like I hadn't improved at all.

It felt like I was putting in all this time and effort and not seeing any improvements...

and I figured... maybe I'm just not made to do handstands.

But today I thought I'd give it a go again and...

I held it for about 10 seconds off the wall.

I didn't change anything but for no apparent reason things worked

The reason I'm saying this is because I realised this is actually very similar to how my online business has gone.

Online Business

It was like a honeymoon phase at the start. I saw progress almost every day. It was new and exciting.

But once you actually figure out what you need to do, it becomes repetitive and...

It felt like I was putting in all this time and effort and not seeing any improvements...

But at the end of each month I check the stats and see how things have been going. It's only then you can see what's going on...

Traffic from Google has almost doubled (again) this month to over 6,000 users. Completely passive traffic (no advertising the website or posting in social media groups) and only people that are interested in the articles read them. Win-win.

I didn't change anything but for no apparent reason things worked

Notice the connection yet?

The thing is, I know the "secret" about this stuff already. I've spoken to far too many successful people from all forms of life and read far too many personal development books to even admit... the "secret" is that...

Those who persist and keep going with their business are the ones that win.

They are the ones who live life on their own terms, not the ones jumping on a new shiny object every 3 months!

Keep changing for the better,

Mike "choose a path and stick with it long enough to make it work for you" Beatty

P.S. This post is as much for me as anyone else!

I'm actually currently in the process of battling a new "shiny object" that has really caught my eye but could really fit in line with what I'm already doing. I'm just not sure if I'm at the stage yet to be taking it on! Man I set double standards sometimes...

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JulietAA Premium
Thanks Mike,
I can’t do a handstand but I will do my best at being consistent.
Mick18 Premium
Great post, Mike. Thanks for the motivation.

Great handstand by the way. I don't think I could of done that even in my younger days.
mikebeatty Premium
Thanks Mick! I'm close to holding it without even needing the wall to get my balance first now!
Mick18 Premium
That's amazing!
enriquetrips Premium
Thanks for the motivation, Mike. I must confess I've been thinking of quitting. I feel like I'm going nowhere, but I don't want to quit just yet.
mikebeatty Premium
It's hard to know if you're just not doing things right and being a busy fool sometimes or if you just need to persist sometimes, isn't it?!
enriquetrips Premium
Definitely. The struggle is real.
AllanDeBlase Premium
Hi Mike,

Focus on what works and brings you the most enjoyment. Shiny objects are always fun but very distracting.

mikebeatty Premium
Thanks Allan
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Congratulations on the handstands and online successes you're having, Mike! One may inspire the other. :) As for the new shiny object adventures... they are hard to avoid but I believe you'll figure out if it's a go or not b/c you sound determined to stay on course. :) Thanks for the post.

Continued success to you!
mikebeatty Premium
Thanks Colleen! Yeah it is really tied into the training here too so I know where I'll be this time in 5 years.

I'm kind of looking forward to all the challenges along the journey too to be honest