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June 24, 2019
In early July i will have been doing the premium WA thing for 6 months, as we all say time has flown...It has taken me a while to get to this stage but i have learnt an awful lot and have communicated with some inspiring people. Am i happy so far? - Yes. I have a website with 30 posts, i am gradually gaining momentum with the writing and feel really positive.In the time i have been premium my kids lives have changed, one for the better and one for the worse. No Illness involved just a bit of a
I have just made an actual sale due to the guidance of WA. It was not through my website which is still being built up. Part of the WA training is to get active on social media. I made a business Facebook page as per Kyles instruction. Today a friend of a friend who doesn't do ebay saw something on my Facebook page and has bought it. This is a sale I would not have made without the Facebook business page. I am really happy 😊. Thank you Kyle..... Michael
June 07, 2019
Five Months at WA. Wow the time has flown. I now have my own website which I am really pleased with, it has 24 posts and I love the look of my site. So what are the main things I have learned here since the start of January?1. With help from Kyles training I would now be "comfortable" making another basic website which I find pretty amazing.2. I am now sure that WA is the way to go both as an investment and for the community aspect.3. My website is still very new, I now know how long it takes t
February 26, 2019
Hi Everyone,I am slowly building my website and gradually adding content and will soon start promoting items.I have a question about an unrelated website/page issue and wondered if there was any opinions on offer.My wife is a qualified massage therapist, She has no website and i have suggested having an information website that would be simple with a few images and a rundown on the therapies she is qualified in.It would not be promoting anything but just a place where clients and prospective cl
This feels big to me,suddenly things feel "real"....Hopefully in years to come this will be a "so what" moment for me but now this feels BIG.Welcome to ShareASale!Your account activated and ready to go!Onwards and upwardsMikeThe family in this beach image are from Oxford in the UK. It is a photo of a glass negative that was part of a lot that i won at auction - the date is 1919
Hi Everyone, I am loving the learning here at WA. It's clear and easy to follow but I still find myself "slows and steady" which I am happy with. My network of friends on here is also growing, when I look at the experience and knowledge some of you have I feel like a 4-year-old schoolboy.Do/Did anyone else take it slows and steady, Please tell me I'm not the only one, please!The picture on this blog was taken in the 1930s by the seaside in the UK - It's my Grandma pictured in her swimming gear
February 12, 2019
Hi Everyone. Well its one month since my WA Premium membership.Its been a fascinating first few steps. I have learnt a great deal in a short time and have received help from the WA community which is a massive bonus for me.Words & phrases that previously sounded like something from "Klingon" (not sure how you spell that but you know, star trek, baddies....) now make a bit of sense.I have found that the learning on here has been subtle, like you don't actually realise you are learning.My new
Learning....Its always been an issue for me for 2 reasons. 1. I'm not very good at it and 2. I don't enjoy it.When I was at school I was in the lower stream (stream was an old UK school phrase for the kids that struggled) - I disliked school & formal learning.During my various jobs this dislike of learning (and teachers) stayed with me.In my last job I worked in marketing (NOT Web marketing rather just talking to people) - My colleagues were very highly qualified Chemical & Mechanical E