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August 29, 2019
After 6 and a bit months of monthly billing i have finally pressed the button on the yearly WA membership option.If you are in this for the long haul and are really intent on giving this exciting opportunity a go then the yearly membership is a no brainer.The savings are great and there are some other bonuses which i am yet to explore.Happy days.Mike
The subject of this post may not amount to much in the grand scheme of things but to me it is amazing.My website is about lighting and interior design objects.It has been slow going building it up but i am getting there, i try to offer advice and offer help with specialist areas of lighting.Yesterday i got an email to my website email address asking a real question about a piece of lighting that i had done a post on - "Holophane" lampshades (see picture avove)This was from a member of the publi
August 21, 2019
Hi There - I have just received this message from the Google search Console machine."Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’: You submitted this page for indexing, but the page has a 'noindex' directive either in a meta tag or HTTP header. If you want this page to be indexed, you must remove the tag or HTTP header"How do i know what page this refers to and how do i fix it?Kind RegardsMikeThe photo is of the oxford rowing team in the early 1900s
August 15, 2019
Hi Everyone.I have been following Kyle's amazing training step by step for 6 months. I am happy with what I have done so far, I wish I had done more BUT I know everyone has different speeds and time available so I have no hang ups there.AMAZON ASSOCIATES.Quite early in the training we are encouraged to join Amazon, this I did, I set it up and felt great that it had accepted me. Of course 6 months down the line there have been no sales and soon I will be given the Amazon "boot up the bum".I am n
Due to Family issues and general "life" getting in the way I haven't done any work on website for a week AND tomorrow my best mate from School is visiting for a few days (we only see each other now and again).When these little breaks happen I get really "itchy" - I feel WA Lazy.I don't mean this in a negative way, I guess what i'm saying is that I actually miss doing WA training and website writing - Does anyone else get this?MikePS - the photo is of a British canal barge which uses the grand u
July 24, 2019
Six months since I joined premium here on WA. Time has passed so quickly.This year has been odd in a personal sense, no illness just odd behavior from people who I thought I had sussed.6 Months at WA - I am a lot slower that I had hoped for BUT I am really pleased with the way my website is going and am happy with the content, I have been just concentrating on writing content and haven't even looked into performance, rankings etc yet as I want to have it looking a bit "meaty" before I worry abo
I live in a town called Watford. It is situated around 20 miles north of my home town London.Everyday me and my best friend go for walks to our local park, on every walk we pass this place. It is the Warner brothers studios situated on an old airfield. WB started making movies there many years ago, including Harry Potter movies - It is now a working film studio and also home to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour.Every day I see coaches from all around Europe, hundreds a week in fact.
Hi Everyone- I am in the early part of level 5 Training and gave got to the comments stage..... have left comments before on peoples posts but this is a tad different (I think).Are we supposed to make comments on the content OR are we commenting on the actual website and how we find it.?I told you it was a daft question but I seem to read contradictions on this subject.Help Please!Mike PS - The photo attached to this is of an unknown girl
Hi - Does anyone on here sell an actual product from a website made here at WA. I dont mean affilliate sales - I mean actually selling your own items? If so what do you use for payments, is there a plug in to assist with such a task?Thank You.Mike
Hi everyone.OK so I have been here for getting on for 6 months and am about to start level 5 training. I have my website and am slowly building it with content.Today I noticed on another thread something I missed in the training. DASHES in domain names.My Domain name, it Looks like I messed up a little.My Domain reads similar to michaels-lighting.comI have just one dash to separate the word lighting from my geographical location.I want my site to be as visible as possible.Questions.1, Is this a