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Hi Everyone.I have been building my website since Jan 2019 and to be honest the progress is slow BUT I am really happy with what I have achieved.I plopped my site on WA for "Feedback" - I found this quite daunting as you are exposing your work to experts and beginners alike.The feedback I have received has been brilliant.There have been a few comments about the same points and overall I have had some positive vibes coming from the wonderful community here at WA.If you are wary or shy about gett
Many of my last posts on here have been about image size and site speed etc.Just another tip aimed at newbies, it is I think, part of the training but is easily missed.When you insert an image click the image size as medium rather than large.I have been going back through older posts I have made and have been adjusting images to improve speed.I checked a post with 7 of my own images that were inserted as large - Speed was 54% Eeeek!I reloaded the images but as medium and the speed jumped to 87%
Hi Everyone.I have just rceived an email from Google search console.Its mumbo jumbo and i dont understand at all.I could do with a little help from someone who knowsHere are a couple of screen shots.I would relly appreciate some input as this is speaking in a language that i just dont understand!Kind RegardsMike
Yesterday evening I received a question through my website email. The question was from an antique dealer in Asia who wanted my advice on refurbishing an oil lamp. He asked the question after reading my article on the same subject. I am amazed and excited by this question as it means people are reading my posts. Thank you WA.
Hi everyone.on two occasions i have tried sending an email to a genuine person who has asked me a question through my website.On both occasions i have not been able to reply through website emails and get the same message "Authentication Failed"Does anyone know what this means and how to get around it?Thank You.Mike
Hi everyone.I have just received an email that looks and feels like Spam.It is new to me as i have only been building my website since Jan 2019 so this is really something i have not come across before. Here is the message....."We are a Network Service Company which is the domain name registration center in China.We received an application from Hua Hai Ltd on September 2, 2019. They want to register " hertfordshire-lighting " as their Internet Keyword and " hertfordshire-lighting .cn "、"
Hi.IMAGES - The self taken type for adding to your website posts.I am boring myself so I must be boring you guys.I have had issues with my website speed. Images are the villain.Yesterday I changed the images on a website post. Same original images just shrunk by using simple image resizer.Last night after the change the speed had improved by 50% but was still low.I have just checked it after 24 Hours and is has jumped to a respectable speed which is a massive and amazing improvement.I am amaze
Hi - Over the last few days I have been pulling what little hair I have left out of my scalp.It's all about images, size, pixels, optimization, plugins etc.I think the training here at WA is great however I think that the importance of getting your images correct is not really rammed home as it should have been, bearing in mind I started here as a complete novice with websites.My Site is slow, its down to images.What have a learn't?Not a massive amount but enough to move forward and improve thi
Hi Everyone.SO - Following great information from the website feedback part of the level 5 training it appears my website is slower than an overweight snail than smokes 20 cigarettes a day and just cannot keep up to speed.I have been advised to resize my images.I have followed the training on here and used tinyjpeg to shrink images. It appears than than was not enough.I have been told Gimp is a good choice of photo editor moving forward.BUT - What do I do about my 36 pages with images on? Shoul
September 01, 2019
Hi all I am on level 5 training, the bit where you ask for feedback on your site.I have received some feedback from a WA member and i have to say its great. In one message this kind person has given me tips and things to think about, he has also given me links and things to try.From one message i have learnt loads.WA website feedback works!Thank you so much Eric for your input (you know who you are)Mike