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February 04, 2020
I have another Breadcrumbs issue. This time it is as follows....Search Console Breadcrumbs issues detected on the owner of Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Breadcrumbs issues: Top WarningsWarnings are suggestions for improvement. Some warnings can affect your appearance on Search; some might be reclassified as errors in the future. The following warnings were found on your site:data-vocabular
Hi Everyone.Of late I am having issues getting comments from the WA community on my new web posts. I have made comments and left links but I don't seem to be getting any comments in return.This is all done through the "need website comments" thread.OK I admit my subject is a bit different and may be a bit difficult for people to comment but I have only experienced this issue in the last 2 months or so (one of the months I was very inactive on WA due to the christmas rush).Is there any other way
January 22, 2020
Hi WA familyToday I received an email from a magazine that deals with vintage and classic designs. It was from the editor asking if she could use one of my web pages in here upcoming feature on an aspect of vintage lighting. I am thrilled in two ways. 1. The web page was found and read. 2. That the page was respected and "wanted".The feature will contain a link to a website and will have my name included which must be good news!Kind Regards Mike
December 30, 2019
Happy new year to everyone on WA. It's been an amazing year here on WA when I have learnt so much and met so many interesting people. I have not been on here much in the last few week's due to work pressures but I am looking forward to a fresh start and new challenges here starting in the coming exciting year. HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤️
To everyone here at WA. I send you my hope that Peace and Love surrounds you at Christmas time for these are the greatest gifts that anyone can receive.Speak Soon.Mike
I have just finished level 5 of the training. It has taken me ages. I started at the beginning of Jan 2019 and have finished today.2019 has been an interesting year, there have been all sorts of issues at home with my son deciding to leave his beautiful partner and kids for another woman - this threw more than one spanner into the works!I have learn't SO much doing the WA training and I have a website I like and enjoy working on, progress has been slow but has been constantly going forward, whi
November 22, 2019
Hi everyone. I was reading the woo commerce Web site pages earlier today as I was thinking ahead about selling physical products on line. Woo commerce is very new to me. My our word press sites here on WA come under . Com. Or.. Org.? Thank you and have a great day. Mike
November 15, 2019
Hi Everyone, As part of the WA training we are told to get into social media. I use Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.My main income is from selling items on EBay which is fine but the aim of my training here at WA is to expand and diversify.So - I started the social media training here at WA and have my accounts on the various platforms, my two favourites are twitter and Pinterest.When I list an "interesting" item on eBay I pinterest it and put a link to the eBay page where the item is for sale.
I started my journey here at WA in January this year. My training and website building has been slow due to various family issues but I am happy with what I have done so far and my aim is to speed up my website growth and writing time in the coming months.Today I have reached an amazing moment which I can barely believe.This morning I was astonished to find that I had made my first affiliate commission. It's a small amount of money, enough in the UK to buy 2 drinks in a cheap pub!BUT - It's a s
Hi Everyone.Since September the 12th of this year I have received 5 Organic questions to my website mostly emails.My first was on the 12th Sept and my latest is today, about different aspects of lighting that i have posted about.I am gobsmacked and happy that people are reading my website.If you are in any doubt about the effectiveness of the WA training and website building programe then lose your doubts - I started in January of this year, it was all a mystery to me but i have slowly followed