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Hi everyone.OK here is a question that I need a bit of help and clarity on.I have written a web post about a type of lighting and I am recommending my 12 favourite types of a certain type of lighting product. Approx 1300 words.Each of the 12 favourites has an image from the company I am an affiliate with, each has a description and my ideas about the product.ALL 12 come from the same company.Question - To my mind the best way of doing the affiliate link would be to have ONE link to the company
Hi Everyone.I am after reviews or opinions on the WP Rocket plug in. I know it is a paid for plug in and based on my initial research it seems like a good buy.However i value the thoughts of the WA community.So what do you all say?Kind Regards Mike
Hi Smush users and techies.I think this is a simple question but being cautious and a bit careful I thought I would ask.SMUSH - After some good advice on here from experts I want to try Smush.Currently I have EWWW Image Optimizer installed. Question - Do I have to uninstall EWWW Image Optimizer before installing Smush? Thank you for readingMikePS - The picture is of my best friend Bertie.
Hi everyone.I have received 2 organic emails in the last 4 days.Both are asking for help and advice on old Vintage items of lighting.Obviously there is no money making going on but its great to get questions like this as it shows people are trusting your posts and content.RegardsMike
Hi Everyone.IMAGES.I have been playing with some of my early web pages that had images that were far too large.Yesterday I got some great advice from WA members on plug ins for image compression etc which I am going to explore.I have another question. I use a lot of images as they are an essential part of what I do. Some are my own and some from the companies that I am an Affiliate for.QUESTION - What is the optimum size for an image in terms of KB? I dont mean pixel dimensions but rather memor
Hi Everyone.OK this is a question that sprung to mind earlier today.It purely out of interest but is a question that I would like to know the answer or half an answer on.Scenario as follows - A person builds a website, he is a newbie and after the first 20 posts to his site he realizes that the images he used on these first 20 posts were way to large.So - He carries on writing and creates another 200 posts with properly sized and much smaller images.He now has a site with 220 posts, 20 of which
May 23, 2020
Hi Everyone.I wanted to take a quick straw poll of anyone who reads this. I need to try to find what the community here thinks about this issue.....I have a website that I really like the look and feel of.It is slow on mobile - I am going to try to make changes to speed things up.Here is the question I would like your opinion on.....IF it turns out that my Theme is a big part of the speed issue do I change theme and sacrifice the "look" of my site for more speed? I am really not sure what to d
May 22, 2020
Hi Everyone.Can anyone tell me if a "purchased" or pro version of a theme is faster/better that the free version?If anyone has ideas and experince i wiluld love to hear from you.RegardsMike
Hi Everyone.I have just read Kyles message about slow themes and how important Website speed is.My site is around 65 posts long now and still very much in the eraly stages of development.I carried out the speed test as advised by Kyle and had some unusual results.My desk top speeds were good - late 90s and some at 100.MOBILE speeds however were around 50 to 60I know that some of my early posts have images that are too large and it is on ly list to go back and change these.Can anyone offer any o
Hello everyone.I have, what I hope, is a simple question.I read an interesting post this morning from HeidiY about "High Ticket sales and Mentors" - I read the post and the answers with interest but to be honest it meant nothing to me as I do not understand the terminology or the context, there was talk of mentors costing money etc.Could someone please explain these terms and the context to me?Part of my ongoing learning here understanding the terminology used in the world of website building a