Affiliate Links - Too Many? or How Many?

Last Update: May 31, 2020

Hi everyone.

OK here is a question that I need a bit of help and clarity on.

I have written a web post about a type of lighting and I am recommending my 12 favourite types of a certain type of lighting product. Approx 1300 words.

Each of the 12 favourites has an image from the company I am an affiliate with, each has a description and my ideas about the product.

ALL 12 come from the same company.

Question - To my mind the best way of doing the affiliate link would be to have ONE link to the company showing all of the range of lighting in the category my post is about - This of course means anyone clicking my link has to search a bit at the company page.

BUT - I have seen many similar pages with a separate link on each image - If I did this it would mean having 12 separate links to 12 products.

Looking at google it appears this is too many? I have also seen it mentioned on here that it is not good to have too many individual affiliate links.

Any ideas, experience and input would be greatly appreciated.

PS the link above is from an early 18th century English farmhouse chain.

As always, many thanks.


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks for asking this, Mike! I have often wondered about the same thing!

JeannineC Premium
No doubt - make each one a deeplink to the specific product. You never want to make your readers have to hunt on the merchant's site to find the product.
Jenny28 Premium
Hi Mike,
I have seen many posts that have many links, such as top 10 lists or best of posts. I have done them myself too. I’m not sure if it’s right or wrong, but I try to write a review of each product (200 words or so), and include the product features and pros and cons. I also try to include a buying guide within the post so that it adds more value and content to the article. This way if you have 12 links,you also have a substantial amount of words to go along with the links.
MikeAdkins Premium
Thank you Jenny.

Great information

Regards Mike
RosanaHart Premium
I have also seen warnings here about too many individual affiliate links but I think there ARE times when it is appropriate to have quite a few.
MikeAdkins Premium
Hi Rosana - I am under the impression it is not a clear cut question or answer!