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How do you design your first wordpress website?

How do you design your first wordpress website?

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Hello everyone,

I've just passed the first online entrepreneur level but I was thinking of working on my website's layout first before continuing.

Currently, I'm

Start simple and aim for a nice design. You can always revise and add to it as you go. It's possible to completely redesign when you want to.

How are you my friend... I keep mine fairly simple but colorful. Take a look and if you have question just ask. everything is very easy. If you make a mistake you just change it. You can do it my friend. And you are right to go back and forth and catch up to the lessons .


Hi there, thank you for your feedback and support :). I also appreciate you sharing your website with me. It really helps as a reference!


The majority use GeneratePress theme. However you may choose any theme you like.

GeneratePress is extremely light, fast, well coded, SEO optimised, flexible, adaptable and customisable

To learn more

Now the premium plugin would give you many templates to choose from

For more options,

You may like to view my notes on below discussion

KadenceWP is also great.

To learn more

And congratulations on becoming a premium.

Wishing you success on your online journey.

Meanwhile I'd ask as many questions as I want to get clarifications,

Welcome to WA and our community.

Abie & AJ

Hi Abie,

Thank you for your advice. I will take a look around the theme you mentioned.

No worries.

So very welcome.

Hi-even though you've completed the first level, I would still concentrate on adding more content to your site, you can make it look good later when you get closed to ranking with google.

Hi Joe, thank you for the advice. I will try to add in more content first then. Do you have any suggestion on how many posts I should I for?

No specific number, but you're going to want plenty before starting to earn money.

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