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Yes.....just finished level 5 of the certification course. Perfect end for 2016, and great preparation for 2017:-)I joined in the end of November, so I have worked hard and it has been intense. I have worked quite a lot with websites and online communication before, so that made certain things easier, but have also learned soo many new things. And have a whole new perspective on what it means to build an online business, and how it can be done. I am confident that all the work I have put in is
I have now been a member of WA for just over a month. So still remember how overwhelming it can be with the amount of training and opportunities when you first join. So here a few advice to make the most out of your first 7 days. These days are important as you have access to all the info without going premium, so it is a great way to check out the opportunities here before deciding whether you want to go premium.I have 3 small advice: Prioritize the time, do the training and do not be overwhel
December 21, 2016
During the certification course I am going through here at WA, Kyle often mentions that we should first of all focus on the quality of our content and helping - not just try to sell. This is one of the amazing things about this training - that it is about trying to build a genuine and honest online business and not about tricks to just get money out of people. I have been looking a long time for this:-) When I look at websites from people here at WA, there is so much amazing and useful content.
So I have now reached the point in the certification course, where we are explained a bit more about the ambassador program and encouraged to share our progress. So far it has been a very learningful experiences. I have worked with online communication before and still are, but have still learned so many new things. I have also tried to play a bit with affiliate marketing before, but without success. Now after having done the first 2 levels, I can definitely see some of the mistakes I made. I a