Making money offline with WA skills

Last Update: May 23, 2018

Are you aware that the skills you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate are skills that are not only valuable to build your own online income?

You are learning skills that many companies are looking for and skills that are very valuable. This is something you can benefit from while building your own online income.

To remind everybody about the great skills you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate, I want to share how I have used these skills over the past year.

Earn while you build and learn

Building your own online income takes time in most cases. However, while your online income is building and growing, you can use the skills you learn here in many ways to get a good income.

Personally, I have used the skills to get several freelance jobs and projects over the past year that have given me more or less a full-time income - but without working full-time. That has given me time to still keep building my own online income and keep learning. In addition to the money, I have also learned a lot from the freelance jobs that I have been able to use when building my online business. Great right?

How can you earn with WA skills?

There are many ways you can earn with skills in internet marketing, and you will regularly see people posting here about how they have used the skills to for example do SEO or websites for local clients or used the skills to promote their own brick and mortar business.

Personally, I have been able to get several freelance jobs at marketing agencies working with SEO and Facebook for their clients, I got a really good project writing SEO texts for a big hotel chain, and I now have a cooperation with a company that arranges different course, so I am regularly teaching classes in SEO, Analytics, Wordpress, and more.

See the oppotunities - they are there!

I just wanted to share this with you to encourage you all to not only see Wealthy Affiliate as a platform to build your own online income - this is definitely an important aspect, and you will be able to do this, if you just follow the training and take action.

But Wealthy Affiliate is also so much more - it is an education that teaches you skills that have a lot of value, and you can use these in many ways. So be creative and look for the opportunities - then the income can come from many sources.

Have you used the skills you have learned here at WA to promote your own brick and mortar business, to work with clients, or something completely else? Feel free to share your experiences below, so we can all get some inspiration.

All the best,

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Marlasmith Premium
Thanks for the post. It has me thinking what else I can do to earn income.
MikaelM Premium Plus
great to hear Marla - glad to hear if my post has inspired you.
sdawson Premium
Sounds like you are using your skills for sure outside your WA sites. I have been able to create small business websites for pay and I'm working with several artists in creating an online presence for them. My accountability partner and I have created an Online Mall we are monetizing and advertising for the retirement village I live in. Since there is an artist community here, I'm recruiting one page ADs for artists. I'm interviewing my neighbor who creates beautiful rag rugs and sells them only once a year at an art festival. I will be blogging to highlight His work and give him a page to sell them online throughout the year.
MikaelM Premium Plus
That sounds great Shirley - definitely sound like you are have a lot of great ideas how to use your online skills. Thanks for sharing and amazing to hear.
RichBrennan Premium Plus
Great post, Mikael, thanks for sharing :-)
MikaelM Premium Plus
great to hear Richard. Thanks for the comment
jetrbby80316 Premium
Excellent points Mikael, no doubt these are fringe benefits of WA. Great and bookmarked!
MikaelM Premium Plus
Thanks Kaju. Glad you liked it.
ZEGU Premium
Thanks for sharing such encouraging post.
MikaelM Premium Plus
you are welcome Euphemia - glad you liked it and find it encouraging