My Acheivements at Wealthy Affiliates

Last Update: August 26, 2015

I started Wealthy Affiliates July 17, 2015. So, it has been just a little over a month since I started. My acheivements thus far are as follows:

1. I found my niche

2. completed courses 1 and 2 of the Affiliate Program

3. built my website

4. I have 522 people following me

5. I have written 4 posts and 8 pages on my website and appx 14 posts within WA

6. one of my posts is ranked number 1 on the first page of Google

7. I have learned so many things by listening to the people that really know i.e., Ambassadors and Top Acheivers etc.

8. I'm on Google +

9. My "Rank" within WA is 262

My plans going forward include making money by the time I have 3 months here and earning Ambassador status, within 6 months here I would like to be making significant money and starting my second website while completing Affiliate Bootcamp. My second website will be marketing Wealthy Affiliates...

Thank you all very much and God bless you,

Edward Mijarez

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Pisquali Premium
Great progress Edward, you have the makings of a good business there.
LLiu Premium
Awesome! You are doing really well. Keep up the good work! I am right behind !
Calypso47 Premium
Hey, that's really impressive! Well done! And all the best for the future.
AlexEvans Premium
Congratulations , you are on a roll and picking up momentum . Onward and upward . Good speed to your success.
copperdell Premium
Well done